13 Days of Meditation- Day 11- How To Be IN Relationship With An Entrepreneur



What Is Love? See above! My brainstorm of the day.

I got this ingenious IDEA to write a blog post about how TO BE IN RELATIONSHIP with an entrepreneur, whether you are their significant other, boss, friend, relatives, parents, etc…..


1. Give them space and support to grow and be who they want to be. Entrepreneurs change constantly and have a NEED to expand, learn, grow, travel.

2. Encourage them, constantly. There are not a lot of people doing what we want to do in life…some of us want to change the world, some of us want to be wealthy and live a better life than we used to live, some of us want to innovate new technology or do something against the norm. We are constantly pushing against the grain, we receive negative criticisms and have climbed mountains to find a place of sanctuary where we can create our business, art or life. If you want to be in relationship with an entrepreneur, learn to encourage even if you don’t UNDERSTAND what they’re thinking. 

3. PROMOTE THEM! Promote them like mad, especially when they have no backers, angel investors, big corporations behind them…promote them if you believe in them. When they become Asian Oprah, they will remember you and give you dibs (referring to myself). SHARE their blog posts, retweet their tweets, tell people about them, be their cheerleader and they will be forever grateful. Angels will reward you GREATLY for your support. Trust me! When I have a talk show, I will invite all my supporters and get them front row seats with free gratis and free VIP room treatment.


1. Don’t Tell Us What To Do (In a direct way)– I don’t know about you, but most entrepreneurs I know are hard headed and rebellious towards society in certain ways. The reason we were able to get THIS FAR is because we did not listen and conform to the norm. We’re CRAZY Einstein’s. If you have suggestions, you might want to say “Have you thought about…..this idea or that idea?”, “Have you thought about …..marketing your business…this way or that?” If you want to tell us something directly, let us trust you enough to hear you. It takes time, but it is worth the effort! Ultimately entrepreneurs understand their own vision and ideas the best, so let them decide what to do.

2. Don’t UNDERVALUE their business- One time these acquaintances bought my friend and I drinks, commenting “don’t worry, we have jobs”….as if we did not. Both of us had our own business, but the acquaintances had 9 to 5 jobs. Please, that is a DON’T. Even if you want to buy us lunch, there is no need to say such things. We have jobs in which we are the boss and will never get fired from ourselves.

3. Don’t Compare Entrepreneurs- Okay, we’re not Tony Robbins, Oprah or Richard Branson, YET. Just because we’re not there yet, does not mean we give up now. All of them had a tough road they walked and conquered. Listen, all entrepreneurs have a UNIQUE path and calling which ONLY they know in their hearts. We are sensitive about our dreams and really hope you understand.

Love your entrepreneur or share this with your loved ones!





The Creative Business Guru

PS- ONE QUESTION, please comment below- What is your version of earthly Utopia. I think all entrepreneurs envision their own UTOPIA. My Utopia involves….

1. Not waking up early to drive in traffic.

2. Doing things WHEN I WANT TO

3. Grocery shopping when everyone else is working so I don’t have to wait in line for hours

4. Watching the sun rise while working

5. Being able to attend events on weekdays and wake up a little later because attending events is part of my work (networking).

6. Having GREAT community that shares my vision and are also entrepreneurial.

7. Not having people tell me what to do


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