How To Build Influence In Today’s Cyber World


Believe it OR NOT.

I am STILL a STRONG believer in FACE TO FACE contact.

If you haven’t noticed, there are SO many millions of people marketing their online content, selling goods, making millions….this is great, but…

I still believe in LONG TERM impact rather than quick results. 

As human beings, we are prone to NOT trust people.

How do you build INFLUENCE in today’s cyber world? Just a few tips…

1. Attend events, parties, functions that relate to what you love, what you’re passionate about. AUTHENTICITY is key in today’s over populated blogs and websites. People don’t listen until you listen to them first. This means, making GENUINE friendships IN person. It’s been amazing to meet people I’ve met on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook in person- nothing is impossible these days. Of course, you can’t meet every single person, but FACE TO FACE contact definitely builds trust, chemistry, and connection.

2. Help Others & They’ll Help YOU in return – Just because I am going to be like Oprah one day doesn’t mean I have to be snobby about it (LOL!!). I believe giving someone a FREE connection, sending opportunities to people, networking the right people….giving students, newbies a chance, is a great way of being a mentor. In turn, they will support YOU and broadcast you because of your love and generosity. 

3. GET GOOD at INTEGRATING YOUR LIFE – Get good at mentioning your work, your business….when you pay someone for their service or goods, make sure to mention your product or service too. Ask for them to promote you, give them your business card.

Places I have given out my business cards: Clubs, Bars, House Parties, Relative Functions, Work Events, Cafes, Banks (to the teller), on the bus, on the train, etc

I also leave stacks of my flyers and business cards at every cafe I go to. Every outing is an opportunity to expand, to build influence. The right person will pick up your card at the right time. Don’t ever give up, always be ready to promote yourself.

4. Be A Teacher – when you teach, you become an EXPERT at what you do. I will be creating a video about this. I was at a cross roads in my life and didn’t know what to do to generate income, plus I hated the 9 to 5. I drew a chart with 3 columns.

1 was my Skills and Talents. I wrote down everything I knew how to do and was good at.

2 was my PASSION– what excites YOU? What can you remember in the past that created a fire in your heart?

3 was MY VISION– The ultimate purpose and fire of your life. WHAT is your vision? Mine was to empower and help others be who they were meant to be…I want to help people SOAR to their FULLEST and beyond what they can imagine. That is my vision.

I linked all 3 and decided that I could teach everything that I was good at. Then birthed my business. You can discover your life calling too!


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