The Promised Land

As you know the story of Isrealites trying to get to the promised land…well I feel that the last few days have been just that. My friend told me the story to encourage me.

He said, “you know how they had to go through Egypt and get to the promised land? Well, many elders never made it because even though God clothed, fed, and provided for them, they still complained…because it was taking forever and well, the journey was long”. We can complain, or we can trust God- he said. Some people will never get there because they keep complaining and never trust God.

“Sometimes we just need to shut up, let God take care of the people that bug us and trust that the promise is still there”.

Whatever you believe in, the universe, God, the forces will take you through to the promise land if we trust and focus on our promise.

As for the elements and people in our lives that hinder us from enjoying our life, shrug it off and trust. If we believe in our honesty, in what is true, then let the current take you.

Yes, let the flow of the river take you and focus on good.

For me, envisioning the times I traveled to various beautiful and heavenly locations in the world focused me on the beauty of life versus the negative circumstances. Why should you travel, because of this:

Me in Cairns, Australia. I was backpacking alone, had massive throw up sessions on the boat, but what do I remember? The oasis of the ocean, iridescent colors of fishes and ocean life; The ocean is my oasis.

When my body is embraced by the ocean, I only think of peace. Nothing else.

The Promise Land for me that month was the oasis of the ocean- the Great Barrier Reef. What it took for me to get there? I threw up about 5-6 times.

Other times? France – stranded and missed my airplane, slept in airport and didn’t shower for 4-5 days. Ecuador- saw the most amazing stingray snorkeling, got food poisoning and knew no spanish in hospital (got injected with what…I have no idea). China- feelings of culture shock, lived in a no AC apartment in 105 degrees heat, kept slipping and falling on my head stepping on rain puddles. I guess the list can go on a bit.

But last night, I thought about the good times. I thought about my promised land, the oasis, the quietness of the ocean, stillness, peace. This is what I thought about.

Watch this without sound:


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