Finding Home In LA- What Family Looks Like To Me

“For 20 years, she worked at her job, bored”- she said. “But for some people stability is what they want”. She, is Maiko, a stranger I met at Starbucks. She had these harem pants that I loved and commented on back in January. The strangers I meet all over the world, never cease to amaze me. Perhaps these strangers become strangely acquainted, then they become friends, with the same vision to pursue a life worth living. The universe never fails to bump people together.

In a few days, my friend will be flying to Hawaii by herself, in July she’ll be going to London to pursue her dreams of perhaps becoming a designer, a hair stylist…the journey can lead her anywhere. We sat, sipping our green tea.

I said “don’t ever give up, don’t ever settle. Also remember I’m here if you go through hard times and need a friend, call me.” Those who choose their own path- need people like them to keep them going. I know how easy it is to give up. I could have already given up and chose to work at a corporate office and live off my biweekly paycheck instead of recycling bottles and eating tofu for dinner. 

But I ain’t giving up now, knowing that there are others going before me. This weekend a shift will happen in our house. For once, I am the one staying. Friends will be stopping by from Oregon, some will go to San Francisco and Hawaii, others will come to LA. For once, I’m finally growing up and willing to settle, to find community and to be taken care of.

What does settling look like for me? Being okay with having a home. In LA. I’ll always travel, but LA will always be home for me. I’m okay with staying and having long term relationships here, to be part of a family. For once, I get what family is. They’re there for you even when you can only offer ramen noodles. 

Thanks to Clare, Shaina, Jane, Jessica in Boston, Alex who is about to go to SF, Andrew my love,  Kuku, Lauren, Heather, Maiko who is leaving, Sarah/Ben, Janna, Lois/Kurt, Jaymie, Jeanne…for showing me what family looks like. Of course, MANY MANY more friends that have shown me you’ll ALWAYS be there.

We may be worlds apart, but we’ll always be family. Join me as I go to Ecuador to see my sponsored kid! 

During my BDAY!

This is probably most reflective of my friends and I- we are nuts, we are insanely passionate peope.


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