The Art of Simplicity- Quotes of Wisdom From Rebekka

purist is one who desires that an item remain true to its essence and free from adulterating or diluting influences. -wikipedia

My definition may be a bit different, but essentially living a purist lifestyle means that you live simply, you know your priorities and you live for the things that you determine to be important. Your motives are purely towards that which you intend to live for.

I was standing near the sink, watching the ants crawl up and down this candy wrapper. In such miniscule detail of life, I noticed my pure attention to it. That which was just a passing thing had become amusing to me. I have become more alert to every detail because over the months of cleansing myself from societal norms and thoughts, my thought pattern had flipped drastically. 

Because I am more at peace with my heart, I listen more.

I have learned that those that disagree with you, it’s better to agree to disagree.

Be the person you want to be, and you’ll change the world that way.

Instead of bullying myself to be a workaholic like I used to be, I know the divine will take care of me.

Instead of planning to the detail, I allow the day to take me by the hand.

I am not restrained by time, I do what I love- I write, draw, work, commune with others when my heart is in the right place.

I am nicer to myself- this, I believe is one of our BIGGEST pressures. We are our own bully.

I take criticism lightly, and don’t allow others’ negative energy to infiltrate my heart. I guard my heart from accepting lies.

Allow time to heal, to accept, to forgive others. Do not force yourself or bully yourself to think “I have to change overnight”.

Observe light, observe nature, and you will find the true heartbeat for your life. There is a reason that mother earth lives in the pace that it does.

Don’t think you have to know everything, for knowledge can be useless without wisdom.

Become wise, not to manipulate, but to help and feed.

Don’t be envious of others’ success, rejoice with them and be patient with your own.

Every person has a different timeline.

Put PEOPLE first, work and money last. For you will know that when you have no work or money, true friends will stand by you.

Money is a concept, it doesn’t exist. It is a currency that can only by material goods and services, but if you can live happy with less, you have achieved a rare enlightenment.

Don’t allow others’ norm to become yours. Of course, only if you want it to. Just because other people are jumping off the cliff doesn’t mean you have to. If God has given you a unique path, the earlier you accept your gift, the earlier you will become a pioneer, and less lonely you will feel. Well, you’re never alone. There are thousands of people that have the same vision as you, you only need to walk your path to find the people that will eventually cross paths with you. 

Thus, you’ll never know success until you follow your heart, your dreams, your passion. You’ll never meet the right people if you keep saying “I will, I hope”. You’ll only meet them if you declare “I am”. I am a pioneer, I am a writer, I am a leader, I am a world changer in the making and I’ll be someone that people will line up to see.

If no one believes in you, believe in yourself. You are your own best friend. 

And if you read this, I believe in you, I believe in your dreams. Do email me if you need an e-pal-

I’ll be going to Ecuador in May– despite the impossibilities of going, I made it happen and know that somehow, funds will come in. Join me! 

After the storm. Peace.


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