Craving Romance In Your Life?

Seems like the word “romance” is overrated, old school, ancient, backward….

Well I’m here to tell you, romance IS THE NEW. We need romance in our lives–  what do I mean?

Now, when I talk about romance, I don’t necessarily mean a partner whispering sweet nothings into your ear, writing love letters all the time, surprising you at your doorstep with flowers, teddy bear, chocolate and the likes. That’s not all I’m talking about.

According to Wikipedia- “Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.In the context of romantic love relationships, romance usually implies an expression of one’s love, or one’s deep emotional desires to connect with another person.”

Romance “happens” because someone usually adores you, knows your worth, knows you are like a queen, a goddess, worthy to be loved. You are adored.

What if we “already” know that, and don’t necessarily need a guy to tell us our worth? Would we live differently? Would we romance ourselves? We know we are beautiful, worthy of pleasing, so we treat ourselves to ice cream, to a sundae fudge.

This night, I found myself filling up my tub to the brim with hot water.

The night was cold and quiet, filled with only bossa nova music. This was pleasant to my soul.

I scrubbed the debris of the day away, cleansing myself of the weariness of the day…though unlike some busy days,

I listened to my intuition, took myself on a trip to meet new friends at a coffee shop.

The serendipity of connecting with another strange soul, is to me, romantic- as in, new, surprising, unlike the norm.

Today was a romantic day. I treated myself with respect, knew my worth, lived in romance.

The sounds of drums, violin, guitar filled my room and I couldn’t help but dance, alone, yet not alone.

When we realize that our identity does not come from the income, the security of a job, what we do- we live romantically- pleasuring ourselves in what is beautiful. A bath with music filling your senses.

Of course, as the water flowed up my arms, breezing by in fluid motion- I couldn’t help but think “how ironic that I’m broke as hell and I’m happier than ever”. Normal people will never understand how I can give up a full time job to live like this, not knowing where my income will come from. I like the surprise of it all, I like being surprised by God. I’m just salsa-ing, tangoing, samba-ing through life, every step is like a dance.

I watch myself dancing with various friends, every song is another season. It’s a romantic season of being myself, doing what I love, living in the unknown, bathing myself in romantic music, enjoying every moment of being with people. It’s time to be romanced, we need to value our beauty, our lives, our people – instead of finding productivity in every task.

Do you lack romance in your life?







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