Meeting Somaly Mam @ Project Futures @ SLS Beverly Hills Hotel

I’m the one on the right, in the middle is Somaly Mam- my hero!

My partner in crime, in fighting human trafficking through the beauty/fashion sector.

Dengu Fever – A Cambodian singer

Far-Fetched Dreams, now only one step closer.

When I was young, I thought I was a nobody, unwanted.

But when I realized that I was loved and created for every single desire in my heart- I spoke and things happened.

Yesterday I went to Somaly Mam’s fundraiser- she is this amazing Cambodian Survivor of human trafficking, founder of an organization that has saved more than 5,000 girls from brothels in Cambodia….and she is now my hero because of her courage to love, even though she was never given the love that every girl deserves.

In her beautiful Cambodia garb, she talked about how her friend, sold for 5 years as a sex slave, was thrown on the street, beaten by men, dirty and with HIV. She stopped her car and picked her up, washed her clean, and loved her unconditionally. She said she would hold hands with her, they wouldn’t have to talk, but they would just know, the love that is there, unconditional love, the love of knowing heart to heart.

I think I must’ve teared up 5 times, especially when I heard this one girl was stabbed right in the eye with a knife by a pimp. I gasped and wanted to die.

Somaly Mam has given me the courage to fight and to give my life to every single girl that is abused in this world. I wrote her a letter after reading her book “The Road to Lost Innocence”, and gave her a book as well. Though, I don’t know if she’ll read it, I believe she knows how much she is respected for her courage to be a role model for all of us, despite everything she has been through.

Though my future seems uncertain to other people, I know where I’m headed, and it’s somewhere called freedom. Freedom for girls and boys to be their true selves, to love unconditionally and to be loved unconditionally.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Somaly Mam @ Project Futures @ SLS Beverly Hills Hotel

  1. chris

    That is wonderful. Follow your heart and give of yourself to others. I too read this extraordinary ladies book and was moved too…..I wish you the very best in all that you do.

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