You wonder why I want to work overseas

Because the talent and creative work…seems much more attractive

The clean and sharp lines of Yohji Yamamoto

Issey Miyake, the eccentric colors that define fashion, expression of the mind, art, and body


So moving onto my current job search….I must say that it is, in 3 words, difficult, exciting, and scary. As I’m listening to French radio, I think of all the memories that fill my mind. Though it is scary leaving everything I know, I know that God is going to take care of my mom and brother here in Los Angeles. I mean, just watch Finding Nemo- kids are supposed to carve their own sculpture and leave their nest. I can’t wait to meet expatriates that think worldly thoughts, regarding travel, culture, and language. As I share my desire to go overseas, I find that many of my friends also have the same dream….but which of those will actually act upon their dreams. I hope and pray that they will also get to fulfill their dream of traveling and realize that traveling is bigger than just experiencing new cultures. Traveling means loving people that are different from yourself. That is what traveling is really about.

BY THE WAY. I have to express my anger at peoples’ ignorance of fashion. I bumped into this dude that expressed his concern over my un-matching clothes. He asked why in the world I would match the colors I did. His face twitched in dismay that I was a fashion designer and DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO MATCH, because “isn’t fashion about fitting in?” I shook my head in more dismay. The ignorance of mankind. I said, “Fashion is about expressing yourself”. I didn’t say this….but just look at the runway- look at couture, it is the SHOCK value that fashion expresses itself best. He said, “why would you match leopard print with checkered pants with purple and pink and a green watch?” I said, “because I felt like it this morning”. Even when I left, he kept calling me “Taiwan”. Wow, I’m so sad for people that have no cultural understanding.

Fashion to me is:

  • An art form, an expression of humanity and self
  • Reflection of the times, reflection of societal norms and societal disparities
  • History
  • Emotions, feelings
  • Architecture
  • Culture
  • Everything basically (rebellion, conformity, explosion of colors, everything you can possibly fathom)

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