Discount Markets and The Time of Our Lives

(pictures taken at Venice Beach, LA)

Being Homeless is

discount markets, playplace

Eastern nails,

Express Lube

Kragen buses driving forth for another day

Dusk til dawn….

A little like standing lonely on a beach

but risking, plunging your whole body

into the icy ocean

the more you plunge, the more the temperature loosens, unpredictable mess

A little like birds flying in air, integrating the elements of disgusting drinks

and a belly full of intoxication

Falsify the beauty that i see

through these lenses

its really that time of the year

shadows evolve into stretches of hours, ticking by to remind me

its really that time of the year

Birds flock to see me

A princess arrives sitting in her Acura, driving too many miles

Remember the beach we walked on in Taiwan

not a soul was to be seen, your presence was like a strange entity, a book I never comprehended

our blood was one, those traits i inherited

are we really from the same family line?

It’s that time of the year

he learned to grieve the lost of mac and cheese,

soup and stereo

when the more poems i read, the more i forget the ghost of yours

aimlessly appearing to and fro behind the woods that carries freedom and love,

carbon and axes

recycled water and chicken and bones

The summer that will mark maybe just my eternity

or a summer that will welcome, beckon

the Great Wall of feats and failures

breaking down all inhibition

singing in a band of 5 and 7

i climbed and cried like a little girl fearful of falling

off the ladder

of great empathy.

It’s that time of year, not a soul can take this smile off my face

she learned to handle just about any situations

like curtains brushing against a stable and sandy rock

ive been through it all

just people and their heroic pride

just me and my hypocrisy

the spirit is singing lullabies

hide the doll under clouds of disparity

rain forth just another masterpiece.

The time of the year has come, I’ve prepared and prayed, sung and cried, feared and feared not, laughed and danced my way to this very eternity. The eternity of not knowing where exactly I am going, this very very summer.


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