Flustered Albeit Peace

Flustered albeit, just a little more of silence

Hope, unseen.

Fountain, doomed towards flowing rivers

Her hands, weak and frail, limp, fragile

I can only hold her, a little longer, hoping, hoping

Disaster won’t catch her again.

Flustered albeit, his morbid past, following him, just like a shadow

God give me a little hope, that You’re on my side, Your spirit flowing, helping, loving a little more

than I can.

For I am just.

A human. Incapable of even 8 hours of work, 2 hours of friendship, 1 hour of blogging.

A human, just like you, just like him, just like her. Frail, fragile, weak, faltering, it’s many f-words of frail. Weak.

Repeat. Rewind. Press Start to a new beginning. Cast

Off evil

Cast off past

Cast off this heavy backpack of immensity

Cast off and live, freely. Grace has taken a hold. Holding, forever, not fleeting, or escaping me.

Or the common knowledge and theme that I have known all my life- abandonment.

Love is not like any man I know.


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