The Path of Intimacy


The path of intimacy with Jesus requires that He prunes you (to cut off or cut back parts of for better shape or more fruitful growth- Mirriam Webster).

Jesus will prune you of things that are not of Him, unhealthy soul ties, attachment to things or status, a need for external things to validate your identity. 

He does this not because He is mean, but because He is good. First He has to prune you from what you think you need.

Because He is ALL that you need. And He is the only one that will complete you so that you become enough, whole, NOT lacking. 

He wants to give you ALL things, He wants to bless you and spoil you.

But He cannot do it when you are wanting it out of lack. Because in Christ you are not lacking. 

Imagine if you felt like there was something missing within you, so you go searching for it- in a relationship, in your career, in your finances, in material things, in fame, in status, in reputation, in how others view you….

You ask God to answer your prayers.

“God please give me this and that, please give me a husband, please please….because I don’t have enough and I am not enough….ultimately, because I don’t believe that you are enough”.

God wants to give you EVERYTHING, but He will make sure that LACK belief is out of your system before He blesses you. He wants that blessing to be a representation of WHO YOU ARE, not who you are not.

Ultimately, He wants you to know who He is in the process. He wants you to know His heart for you, He wants to sing over you versus you getting what you want and then walking away, then desperately praying for Him to deliver you when you are in a bind.

Are you willing to be solely committed to Jesus, as His bride? (even if you are a man)

Do you believe He will never leave nor forsake you? Will you walk with Him in the process instead of running away or only coming to Him when you are desperate?

A wife trusts, relies on her husband. Jesus who is whole and complete made you whole and complete with His sacrifice on the cross. You are not lacking one thing. 

When you believe you are whole, all things will be added unto you. Everything you could ever imagine and much more. 


True Connection to Riches

“When you are inspired by a great purpose, everything will begin to work for you. Inspiration comes from moving back in-spirit and connecting to the seven faces of intention. When you feel inspired, what appeared to be risky becomes a path you feel compelled to follow. The risks are gone because you are following your bliss, which is the truth within you. This is really love working in harmony with your intention. Essentially, if you do not feel love, you do not feel the truth, and your truth is all wrapped up in your connection to Spirit. This is why inspiration is such an important part of the fulfillment of your intention to live a life on purpose.”- Wayne Dyer

I am an artist.

It is more than a job, it is a calling. It was predestined. We are all artists in some way.

I am disturbed when people talk about getting a job to survive, I used to think that way too. I used to put bills first and passion, vision, purpose second.

I am not a survivor, I am a thriver.

I don’t merely want to survive and live a get by life, I want to live a thriving life. I made a choice to GO ALL IN, no backup plan. Let that backup plan be God. Artists are prophets. If you create in anyway you are an artist. Artists have thoughts, ideas, blabbering in their mind and they put them out into the world. They mirror the creator. Growing up I had some people comment in surprise that I believe in God as though believing in God is an ignorant thing to do and also that I was too cool a person to believe in God. I’m an artist, I create shit. Why wouldn’t I believe in God. God created things. 

You know you are “inspired” or in- spirit when you have these flow of ideas and thoughts and you can’t seem to SHUT THEM UP. Like this morning I woke up to do my numero 2, and then I couldn’t go back to sleep because suddenly this thought “I am an artist….it is more than a job, it is a calling”….okay, go to sleep, but then my mind wouldn’t shut up, it was like God speaking to my mind in paragraph format and it was so detailed that I had to just turn on my computer and write it down. 

“And public speaking was not a risk; it was something I had to do because I knew that I could not feel happy with myself if I did not follow my heart. The universe handled the details, because I was feeling love for what I was doing, and consequently, I was living my truth. By teaching love, that very same love guided me to my purpose, and the financial remuneration flowed to me with that same energy of love. I couldn’t see how it worked out, but I followed an inner knowing and never regretted it.“- Wayne Dyer

A lot of people ask me this question “but how do you pay the bills as a freelancer or artist?” I find that hilarious because I’ve managed to sell most of my big belongings and live virtually very free from bills. For example I haven’t had a sim card for a year and a half, I use a google number and it also keeps me from getting distracted from living in peace. I seem to have everything I need and more all the time.

And when I feel “lack” it usually comes from believing a lie that I am not enough, that I need to supplement my being by having more clothes, makeup, things. 

Living in grace means my relationship and being with God comes first, my connection to God is my connection to provision.

He guides and leads me to places, opportunities, resources, money, things..and I don’t have to fret.

It’s like if someone asked “but how am I going to feed myself?” when her dad is standing right next to her with a consistent flow of sushi, tuna tar tar, pasta, steak, smoothies, etc. You get the idea. I’d be pretty offended if I was the dad. But most of us work out asses off in our non-inspired human way while “dad” is standing there with everything you can ever want or need and we refuse to accept his help. 

Pride? Possibly.

So that’s where Trust comes in. Belief. Believing that He is for you and not against you. Then, listening, intently, staying close to the heart of God.

I’ve been led to impossible, miraculous things and talk to people that some would be afraid to talk to…and sometimes yah I have to get over my own fear, but I remember I am safe in God’s protection.

xoxo BEX

my art:


Laws of Money and Success


As an entrepreneur, I have gained clarity and broken out of many types of mindsets that limited my life. I am grateful that I was taught the laws of the universe early on in life. I am grateful that I continued to pursue the wisdom of this universe.

I immigrated 3 times in my life, but often had an unstable lifestyle. I moved so many times I cannot even count. I also experienced close friendships, extreme emotions like intense joy and intense depression and pain. I made soul friends who were once close, but then moved on in life. I experienced divorce in the family, loneliness in my childhood, financial hardships and feeling like I did not fit in anywhere I went. I have also gained unique clarity in all of these experiences.

In the negativity of my life, I gained hope in my own quiet place in my heart. Over the years, I have observed everyone from young to old, rich to poor, people of all races and people in various countries. I have seen the poorest of poor running around enjoying the abundance of life and natural resources. I have also seen the richest of rich emit a stench of intense loneliness and despair. I have also seen vice versa. I have heard stories that surprised me, because one cannot judge someones’ looks, ever. How we present ourselves in this world does not always reflect our inner world.

Universal Laws I learned over the years:

1. Law of Use– the law of use explains that when we waste something by not using it, we are actually stopping more from coming to us. There is a show called Hoarders, and I wrote about this in my previous blog post…when we hoard something we do not need or has no sentimental value, we are keeping dead energy. Just imagine that thing as a dead rat sitting in your closet. Keeping your house fresh and getting rid of old things is one way to invite new and beautiful things into your life! Today I threw out a table that was broken and I felt so liberated. That thing was carrying negative energy just by being BROKEN! 

2. Law of Abundance- The law of abundance says that the more you focus on what you can afford (even in the future), what you desire, what blessings you already have…the more you attract that abundance. When you live from a spirit of poverty, people will sense that and not want to do business with you. Even if people don’t believe in the laws or spiritual truths, they can sense your energy or vibe. I have learned that and broken out of the poverty mindset. I no longer hold negative thoughts about not having enough, I always tell myself that I have more than enough…and miraculously when I let go of the results and control, money comes easily to me.

3. Law of Giving- Money and material things are meant to be circulated. Money is an energy and when we invest, give, use what we have been given, we allow more to come into our hands. It is also important to note that we should not give out of duty, but out of desire. Giving out of guilt or duty also comes from a spirit of poverty and lack. This will only welcome in more lack even though you may be giving in the external world.

4. Law of Joy – Each accomplishment or success step comes with an emotion. When we accomplish something we want, we feel this intense gratefulness and joy…in order to welcome that success into your life, you must live each day as if YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. What comes out of your mouth must be words of success and not of limitation, how you act must be actions of victory and not of defeat. 

I hear people say, “I want to do this, but you know it’s really tough…”. I stop them immediately and tell them that by saying that they have ALREADY defeated themselves, they have already stopped that dream from coming true by simply stating something that IS NOT TRUE. 

I have people tell me that I am crazy, my own family member tells me that I am a dreamer, but while these people are complaining about how I am crazy, I am slowly living and fulfilling my dream. I simply ignore negative talk and keep my positive head high, higher than anyone if I need to. Which leads us to….

5. The Law of Attraction- The law of attraction says that whatever you think, act, say will come into being. The law of attraction attracts the people, friends and business that you are currently embodying. Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning everyday and am learning what my worth is, but I will to the best of my ability discipline my mind, words and action to align with what I want for my future. If you are hanging out with people you do not want to become, or perhaps are not going anywhere in life, you might want to consider ditching them! Like attracts like! Then there are those that have come along you to go with you to those high places in life. Then so be it!

6. Law of Growth- At the end of the day, it is your PERSONAL growth that will help you to be a happy person. It is not material possessions or money that will make you happy….it is much deeper than that. For me, it is my spirituality, my wisdom, my gratefulness and all things that are actually intangible that makes me happy! The more you grow, the more you will break off negative and old mindsets….the more you will live in a way where you don’t care about what people think, but you live out of true freedom!