Why You Should Become Friends With Strangers

Yes, the saying goes “don’t talk to strangers”, but you’ll probably never make friends in LA.

Lately I’ve been thinking, wow, I’m kind of bored. I mean I have great friends, but many of them have moved, and well, I don’t feel intellectually stimulated. Life is getting too mundane or something. I’m working on my business, freelancing, but there’s nothing too out of the norm (in my opinion of course, because most people would say my life is not mundane, it’s too eccentric). Because I’m literally broke due to investing in my business, and can’t really go out all that much…I’ve been inspired to “think outside the box”.

Ways in Which I have made friends:

1. Tumblr.com– yes, I have met someone in Australia and became friends with through tumblr.

2. Yelp.com– I’ve shout out for clubs in Boston and made a friend who was a promoter, and got to get VIP status when I got there. Had the most fun at a gay club.

3. Modelmayhem– collaborating on shoots, became friends.

4. On the street– yes, I talk to strangers on the street

5. Clubs– I like to dance with strangers as well, especially if they’re good dancers. I have met really cool and interesting people at clubs (not creepers).

6. On airplanes, buses, public transportation– when I sit next to anyone, they become my friend

7. Cafes and Starbucks– wear something interesting and people will compliment on it- or vice versa, compliment other people and you might just become friends. However, I find that some people are so antisocial, they’ll say “thanks” and end the convo by walking away.

 “You totally just missed your chance to be friends with someone SO unique and SO cool, too bad for you”- I think.

8. Hostels– great place to meet travelers, however, since I live in LA, no more of that 😦 BUT not to worry, me be planning another trip very soon!

9. Parties– this I find tricky because at parties, I feel like I can never sit down to talk in depth- and in LA for some reason, people never follow up.

10. COPY shops- yes, copy shop not coffee shop. Best ever.

11. At the bank- yes became friends with the banker 🙂

12. Email- find someones’ blog appealing? Email them and say “I want to be friends cuz you’re so awesome”.

The key is – the other person has to have the desire to be your friend.

Friendship is a two way street. You can never force friendship. This leads to my inspired 2012 MEETING WEIRD AND AWESOME PEOPLE year. I need to meet more interesting, weird, nonconventional people. So the answer to “why you should become friends with strangers”- what is life about? That’s the answer.

Feel free to email me and connect- rebekkalien@gmail.com I’m always up to meet people.


7 thoughts on “Why You Should Become Friends With Strangers

  1. Rebekka, thank you! Not only because we have the same name (middle name for me), not only because you read my blog sometimes and comment on it (I feel special when you do!), not only because this post remarkable and I totally agree with it, but I want to thank you because you have made the pledge of opening yourself to destiny. I so admire people like you, people who do not live in fear, people who do not believe other people only want something from you, people who just love life and love an amazing conversation with a stranger, because you know, that this stranger with his/her words, sometimes, can change your world forever.
    So thank you for being happy, for believing in your work and for living your life with an open mind.

    1. Rebekka Lien

      Wow your encouragement is almost too much for me to take. Having sometimes battle discouragement and constant criticism from the world, I am honored to be a source of your encouragement. I hope you will also continue writing and living outside of the box!

  2. Hi Rebekka!
    I found your blog via Couchsurfing for what I am really happy. It’s very inspiring and I cought myself reading it more than one hour and I tought it was just 15 min! I like your optimism and the way you write. Congrats and keep on living fully life! 🙂

    1. Rebekka Lien

      Hi Andrela! What a joy to hear from a fellow couchsurfer!! Feel free to add me on Facebook- I love making new friends- especially friends that like to travel. Where do you live? Thanks for the encouragement by the way!

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