Dating Will Trigger You, Let It!

I felt abandoned, unworthy, unwanted, there was no opportunity to converse about it. This is how I felt when someone left without telling me after a “date”. We were supposed to leave together and he had picked me up. He left without telling me.

I called him “disgraceful to all of men”.

I was traumatized. I felt rejected.

I felt angry.

It’s never happened to me. I’ve experienced a lot but this was a trigger point.

But God always has a way to redeem my experiences and show me not all men are trash. I kept meeting divine appointments that told me I should be aware of marriage, one lady said marriage is more about crying than laughing. I disagreed with her.


PEOPLE don’t date enough, they don’t put themselves out there enough. They expect the first guy or girl they go on a date with to be the one.

Most people don’t even know what they want and they settle for the first person they are attracted to or the first person they have trauma bonds with.

For example thinking that just because that person also feels unworthy, that they have commonalities, just because they feel unwanted, that they find worth in each other.

I believe in being vulnerable and sharing your deepest wounds with each other. Dating is not about putting on a front, but laying all your cards on the table and showing who you really are. Here’s me, take it or leave it.

And guess what, some will leave. And be Okay with that. Thank Jesus for making it a bit easier for you.

I am worthy, I am valuable, I am a gift.

Dating will trigger you, but let it trigger you, let it reveal to you how you actually feel about yourself. What needs to be healed?

God bless you-

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God bless you!


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