5 Unconventional Steps To Creating Your Business- Have A Vision


This tree represents you. The stronger the root, the better. The more you know who you are, your identity, preferences, brand, etc the better. Slowly as you develop, your ideas develop (via the branches). Your knowledge, education, wisdom, background, upbringing, experiences form your bigger branches.

The Next 5 Days I am going to share my tantalizing story of how I became a multi-entrepreneur. My GOAL is to encourage you and show you that IF YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE MISTAKES and PLAY, then you can become a business woman or man. Yes, you heard THAT right. If you know how to MESS UP, time and time again, then the entrepreneurial road is for you. If you know how to GET UP after falling hard, this is also the road for you. PS- By 5 days, I mean the next 5 blog posts, because tomorrow I’ll be attending Forge in LA. 


When I was a kid, I created manga memberships and sold toys to my 8 year old friends. I was always entrepreneurial. I grew up in the church and went to many mission trips. I had a heart for people and thought that I would become a missionary. However, I just hated the way missionaries dressed (back then). I seriously did not want to wear ugly big t-shirts that did not flatter my body. Plus, I could not imagine living in a hut, eating nuts (no offense but I like my chinese hot pot), and not showering for days. I knew deep down, that I had a heart for people….but did not like the structured starvation lifestyle.

When I learned about human trafficking, I wanted to go overseas and fight human trafficking. I wanted to rescue women out of slavery, but thought that it might be dangerous. Then I thought that I wanted to created jobs for survivors of human trafficking. I could teach them how to sew and they could work at my factory where they would create my designs. 

I gained all the skills I needed to, but it stemmed from my passion. I attended fashion school and learned fashion design and business management. I did not do it just because I could teach other people, I did it because I loved fashion and I was business minded. You get what I’m saying? I learned because I thirsted to learn how to create and manage, not because I saw the end goal just yet. 

When I finished school, I went to the far countryside of China and taught music to the young 5 year olds, living in sweat and bug bites. I wanted to collapse, I missed the luxuries of modern living. When I returned, I got a job as a trim buyer and up until 3 months in, I was about to suffocate from normal living. This IS NOT THE LIFE I want to live, in a box and a chair. 


My creative brain started churning, I bought a pair of Nike Dunks at the store across work during lunch for $20. I sold it on Ebay and made $30. I could do it again. I went back and bought 2 more to sell. I was elated, I could do this all day! I found other things to sell at home and started taking photos of all my old clothes. I started creating an additional source of income while working full time. One day, I just had enough. I quit my full time job and that was the end of my full time anything and voluntary unemployment. 

I won’t go into detail, but when I quit, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do in life. I also wrote down my vision. 

“To provide healing and work for survivors of human trafficking” which has evolved to:

“To empower others to live the life they were created to live” to

“To help people become full alive”. 

Essentially, we long to feel alive. Fully alive. 

As I focused in on my vision, I realized that I had to first become whole, to create the life I want so I could show others…hey it’s possible! If you simply commit to it. Thus, have a vision first.

Having a vision has helped me continue in those first few months when I could hardly pay rent. I’m no trustafarian, as immigrants, we did not benefit from the foreign exchange, let’s say I have sacrificed much of my youth for my vision. I could have worked full time and accrued funds to use for youthful partying and lax living, but I cut corners and found creative ways to create furniture, blinds, and even toilet paper! No matter how many businesses you have, boot strap style, if you have a vision, you can continue when the valleys get real low. 

See you next time! 

What is your vision? 

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13 Day of Meditation- Day 9- Spirit of Abundance Versus Spirit of Poverty

I finally got my couch! I waited one month for them to create another Spring Serenity Couch. It is deliciously comfortable. I love the natural light coming in to my living room, no electricity needed!

I recorded today’s blog post while driving yesterday- the great thing about bluetooth and technology.


Do you ever wonder why you feel like you are not good enough? However much you achieve in life, you don’t feel satisfied….in fact, you want more and you put all your identity in your achievements. It is time to realize that we are not orphans, but rightly knighted queens and kings with birth rights to happiness. Listen to this audio to learn more about how you can carry and own the spirit of abundance. Having the spirit of abundance is everything TO creating the life you want.

If you don’t feel like you deserve love, you will not find someone to love you because you will self-sabotage and believe in lies about who you are.

If you don’t feel like you deserve success, you will not succeed.

If you don’t feel like you deserve wealth, you will not become wealthy…..and so on.

Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on how this audio benefited you! 🙂

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Prepping For Workshop- See You Tomorrow!

On most days, I am a Realtor, but I also like to speak at events created by collaborating with local businesses such as Modest Fly Art Gallery located in the little unpretentious corner of Tujunga. Of course if you enter, you will notice the beautiful chandeliers and decorations that boasts of art classes and art shows. Iren is an amazing Art Center Grad that happened to receive one of my emails….get this, I actually found her card at an Art Center show and inputted her email into my list. I know that is technically considered spam, but she actually showed up at my art show.

From there on, we met and we decided to collaborate on amazing life changing events such as tomorrows’- Create The Life You Want Workshop….which consists of:

EVERYTHING which will kick off your dream life.


I’m not exaggerating.

You will create a detailed and EVEN visual plan to achieve all that you have EVER desired.


Listen, speak, brainstorm and let me HELP you create the life you want, in just 2 hours.

See you tomorrow- Register: http://modestflyartgallery.com/workshops-seminars/

August 4, 10-12noon

Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery

7578 Foothill Boulevard, Tujunga, California 91042
$55 at the door or online

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How To Differentiate Your Business

How To Differentiate Your Business

I am really loving the Photofunia app on the Iphone, it creates pictures like these in seconds!

It has been awhile since I blogged, so I wanted to discuss DIFFERENTIATION in business. As you know, I am a Realtor that happens to have been in the Fashion Industry, Coaching Business and have done a plethora of things in my 25 short years.

How do you differentiate your BUSINESS?

1. BE authentic, BE yourself.

2. Know and Live Your Vision – This is a mission statement of what you want to be, achieve in life. What is the bigger picture, everyone has GOT to have 1!

Mine is to empower others to live the life they were created to live, so I live that throughout any careers or jobs that I ever had.

3. Get Away From Your Business to Gain Perspective– When you are stumped, sometimes you need to walk away from your problem in order to glean new perspective and solutions in a physically foreign location.

4. DON’T try to be like someone else! – Just because someone is doing something and they are succeeding DOES not mean that you are to do the exact same thing…people are different in work methods, learn to find your own pace and path.

5. Chase the PASSION, NOT the money– Chase your passion and you will grow in wealth, chase only the money, and you will fail because there is no passion to lead you.

6. Find a NICHE – If you are the GREAT niche, that is great…but REMEMBER one or two instance when you REALLY hit it off with that person. People who have similar commonalities tend to be YOUR target market. People who have personalities that meld well with yours might just be your target market. But you could totally target a market that is NOT like you, but loves to work with you because you SOLVE their problems.

In the end….simply BE authentic to your vision and humbly listen well to the needs and problems around you. Bite your tongue and tactfully tackle the problems with wisdom. That’s all for today!

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Reclaiming Our Feminine Energy, The Forgotten Beauty


In honor of International Women’s Day on Thursday!! Feminine Energy- The Forgotten Beauty.

After almost half a year of turmoil, success, defeat, disappointment and essentially paving a NEW PATH, I have come to a few IMPORTANT life lessons. I quit my full time job to pursue my dreams. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Quitting was easy, but the journey of starting a new path was difficult. I lost all sense of being, but reclaimed it with even more meaning, identity and beauty! 

  • What is Feminine Energy?

In my definition, Feminine Energy is everything that is compassionate, loving and nurturing. Feminine energy exudes grace and mercy. I think of Mother Teresa and her undying faithfulness to care for the poor. Her feet were mangled because she gave the best shoes to other people.

In the 50s, women started working and had to put on this “masculine energy” to fight for equality. They had to be the productive, rational, goal-oriented, American go getters. I believe that all of us need a balance of the two. I believe as human beings, we must be in touch with our emotions because our emotions are the KEY to directing our paths in life. 

What does that mean? Why do we do things we hate? Our inner being tells us to “I’m NOT NURTURED by this work”, we get stressed out and pop pills in order to “get through things” or “get over things”. What happened to listening to how we feel? I know that our rational mind (thanks to the Puritans) help us get things done, accomplish goals, but we have gone too far.

It’s time to nurture our inner child. 

  • Nature Reflects Feminine Energy
Have you heard of mother nature/earth? Well, lately after moments of just being, waiting and relaxing…(after much discipline, because our practical minds tell us to keep doing), I realize that WE ARE just like nature.
We need time and space to grow. Our inner being is like a beautiful rose that needs the nurture and care to be healthy and fruitful. Everything we DO comes out of WHO WE ARE.
If we keep pushing ourselves to be productive, we will reach the ends of ourselves. We will not even understand WHY we are doing what we do.
  • Exercises FOR YOU To Nourish Your Being!
+ Sit in a park or in nature- close your eyes and breathe. Silence all voices in your head and let the smell, the senses, the sounds wash over you.
+ Ask yourself questions- “Why am I stressed?” Don’t stop there. Keep asking until you hear the very truth. You will most likely ALWAYS answer honestly to yourself. “What’s tensing up my muscles?”, “Why am I angry?”…etc.
+ REPLACE LIES with TRUTH– When negative voices tell you “you’re not worthy, you’re nothing, etc”-SAY OUT LOUD to yourself “I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am lovable, I am someone important”. Write a list of positive truths that you can read each day. What you say into the atmosphere will become real.
Our minds create our reality. If you feed your soul with toxic lies, you will live those lies out. However, if you feed your soul with nurture and care, you will become a beautiful person.
Germany. Follow what’s beautiful and your wings will be shaped in hearts. 🙂
On a more personal note: 
I have been receiving the message that I am CALLED to greatness. I know I will be someday internationally known, because I am paving a new path. As a Taiwanese woman, I have decided to move out (without being married), quit my secure job, and become a Renaissance woman. In the arts/fashion/entertainment industry, there are A LOT of games to be played. There are people that will screw you over, take advantage of you, not pay you for your work, etc – but take heart (I’ve gone before you).
I have talked to a lot of young people, collegiates, high schoolers recently.
The common themes I see? Fear of the unknown.
Don’t worry, Rebekka has gone before you! I am here to support you, whether you are going against your parents wishes and want to become a struggling artist or whether you are wanting to do something NEW, something different, SOMETHING RARE. I’ve already gone. I’ve already experienced ramen noodles, finding coins on the street, not having toilet paper, I’ve gone to the extreme to go before you and pave the way. And f*** I’m ASIAN! FOR GODSAKE!
So take heart. Because this movement is NOT about accomplishing big things, it’s about BECOMING GREAT people who do big things.

Your Pioneer,

Rebekka Lien



Check out my latest article as seen in VISION MAGAZINE (MARCH 2012) – Change Is Our Only Consistency 

The Unstruggling Unstarving Artist

I admit, I couldn’t sleep because for 30 minutes this fiery, common thought came to my mind “I’m 24, I’ve worked hard, how come I’m not getting paid what I’m worth?”

2:11AM- my birthday (2.11).

My thoughts suddenly ran wild, sparked by the madness of  the question-“should I get paid minimum wage to work at a boba shop, something I’ve always wanted to do (work at a boba shop- NOT get paid minimum wage)?” This question trickled into the question of “wow, I paid $50 per hour for 10 years to learn the cello and then I paid another $23,000 times 4 to go to fashion design school”. What is my return on investment- I’m not sure…being under-appreciated, underpaid?

I decided to throw off my covers and blog before my thoughts drove me mad. Suddenly my body craves the coffee I didn’t drink during the day.

Let’s do a rundown of how much an artist would spend……

1. Cello lessons- $50 for 10 years. 48 weeks times $50 -$2,400 times 10 years= $24,000

2. fashion design College tuition- $23,000 times 4 years- $92,000

Of course you have to take into account all the gas and supplies. But $116,000 estimated in my case. Thank god I was a good writer, this got my tons of scholarships.

Proverbs 31:31 says-  “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” 

I believe it’s time for artists, women to stop complaining and demand a fair wage, fair pay for their art which they have toiled and spent tremendous amount of money to develop. Thanks to a friend I recently met- he told me “I see a lot of talent in you, you need to capitalize on your strengths, you shouldn’t have to struggle”.

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