Prepping For Workshop- See You Tomorrow!

On most days, I am a Realtor, but I also like to speak at events created by collaborating with local businesses such as Modest Fly Art Gallery located in the little unpretentious corner of Tujunga. Of course if you enter, you will notice the beautiful chandeliers and decorations that boasts of art classes and art shows. Iren is an amazing Art Center Grad that happened to receive one of my emails….get this, I actually found her card at an Art Center show and inputted her email into my list. I know that is technically considered spam, but she actually showed up at my art show.

From there on, we met and we decided to collaborate on amazing life changing events such as tomorrows’- Create The Life You Want Workshop….which consists of:

EVERYTHING which will kick off your dream life.


I’m not exaggerating.

You will create a detailed and EVEN visual plan to achieve all that you have EVER desired.


Listen, speak, brainstorm and let me HELP you create the life you want, in just 2 hours.

See you tomorrow- Register:

August 4, 10-12noon

Modest Fly Art Studio Gallery

7578 Foothill Boulevard, Tujunga, California 91042
$55 at the door or online

modest modest 3 modest 4 modest 6 modest2



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