Dating Again!

Well this sucks, I’m dating again…as in I am officially broken up and my heart hurts. We were back and forth for awhile but we looked at reality and the reality was that we were not ready for the same things.

Failing sucks, not that it’s a failure. You learn.

I realized after a few dates you have to be strategic.

Toggle the settings to “realistic ages” of your potential partner. So if you’re 34, 30-44 or something like that. Toggle to 25 miles and under, don’t choose global, you’re not trying to do long distance relationship.

I’ve talked to a lot of people and people play it safe by doing long distance, they choose unrealistic options, they like people who are too old or too young, people who don’t want the same things, people who are not actually that attractive to them, why? Because it’s safe. Because it will fail eventually, because the truth will set you free, to be single again.

And sometimes it’s safer to fail then to succeed in relationship.

I realize I was swiping on guys I wasn’t exactly attracted to because I thought we could be good friends, but I’m not looking for more friends….I’m looking for a life partner. But it’s safe when you’re not that attracted, nothing will ever come about it. So I’m thinking, well that sucks…my options are very limited. Christian and good looking, isn’t too religious and church obsessed, but also loves God.

I’ve met guys that are way too religious (they rate you on how much you worship) and I’ve met people who drink too much, smoke weed, which for me is a no no.


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