I’m Closer To Finding My Soulmate

Photo by Mateus Souza on Pexels.com

Today the Lord led me to a ramen place and immediately my heart felt led to sit next to this lady. She said she got married recently. She told me she knew her husband for 7 years but they didn’t see themselves in a relationship. They had different life circumstances.

Then she said “oh I know a girl name Rebecca too that just got married!” She told me it was her coworker.

Yesterday I had a dream I was eating with someone like my aunt and I think this was the lady I was supposed to meet.

I’ve been learning a lot about relationships. Sometimes I’ll have issues with someone I am seeing and I’ll start googling-

“What do you do when a man lashes out?”

“What do you do when man shut down?”

I didn’t realize how clueless I was to men’s behavior. Obviously not every guy is the same.

I never really felt that close to anyone and God brought someone that I felt closer to than anyone I’ve met.

I had to google-

“Extroverts and introverts” because I started noticing really vast differences that was making us fight. The thing is I did not want to commit to anyone right now because I don’t know if that person really wants marriage so I’ve opted to “seeing” people.

I realize my fear of intimacy stopped me from overcoming the fear when it came down to it…the fear of getting attached or abandoned was huge.

There were times I felt completely abandoned and that the guy had no desire to try.

Things I’ve learned from dating and interacting with men-

  1. Be honest, don’t hide your truth even if it hurts them.
  2. Learn to ask for what you want
  3. Say what’s on your heart

When you allow yourself to be truthful and authentic you’ll get what you want!


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