Prophetic Word- Return Everything and Keep Moving

Hey everyone, been awhile since I wrote!

Last night I had a very intense dream I wanted to share with you. AS you know a few years ago God showed me in a dream when I get rid of babies in my dress (false responsibility) I’ll be able to get married.

Last night I had a dream my mom was supposed to go on a date but the guy who showed up was way younger and he bailed and didn’t want to pay for the meal.

I felt bad for her and was angry. I believe it was symbolic for the tragedies she went through and how I felt bad for her. My dad cheated on her and I felt bad for her most of my life. I tried to compensate for it by either being angry for her or trying to help her feel better.

This is false responsibility.

It’s not my responsibility to make her feel better, it’s not my responsibility to make it right for her. Its her job to work through her issues and forgive my dad and men in general.

In the next scenes I was at a hostel and I realized that I was bored and overstaying my time there.

I’ve experienced this when I was traveling and following the spirit. God would show me that I was overstaying my time there because I’d end up in a situation that was not ideal (like cleaning the hostel and working) instead of flowing with the Holy Spirit and setting people free (using my mouth to prophesy).

There are several situations in my life that I realized has been bogging me down and I kind of saw it as love and care, but God is addressing that it is false responsibility.

  1. Trying to be there for my mom, feeling guilty for not being able to spend time with her.
  2. Trying to be there for someone I like, but then God is showing me it’s more because I want to take care of him, versus I’m in the flow of the spirit.
  3. Taking on too many peoples’ issues and responsibilities, feeling obligated to reply to peoples’ texts and messages, not doing things out of desire, not setting boundaries between what I want and what others want.

In this dream a Japanese girl hired another woman to teach her roller skating.

In the dream I thought I should teach someone how to do the most basic things. However, I felt suppressed and “voiceless”.

Whenever I have a dream about Japanese culture, it’s something to do with not speaking up or feeling voiceless (because of the culture of politeness). Even though the woman hired a teacher for something so basic, in the dream it was negative because it taught that you did not have a mind of your own and needed someone to teach you everything instead of learning to fail.

I had been doing that with someone in my life, teaching him how to get out of his comfort zone. However, it was false responsibility and I often took that on in my friendships and relationships.

I hand held a lot of people in the past.

In the dream I then said I needed to go so I started cleaning up my stuff and packing.

One girl told me “if you keep moving how will you rest?” and I said “I get energy from moving”.

I had a jewelry box that was weighing me down and I asked my old friend if she wanted it. She said yes but I as hesitant to give it to her. I packed up my jewelry but they had hair in it. I believe God is removing bitterness and resentment in the past having to do with friendships.

In the dream I went to Taiwan and I saw a few of my high school friends. I felt happy and was elated that we were in the same place same time.

The last couple of days the Lord has led me to people I knew from the past (friends). The Lord told me to go to Spanglish Kitchen and I saw a high school friend, then yesterday I felt led to go to Copa Vida and I saw another friend that I used to know.

Keep moving= I hear the Lord say.

Whatever situation you are in in life, keep moving and don’t hold onto resentment of the past.

I had a dream yesterday I was in a museum and I was scared of men so I hid inside the museum (the past). The Lord has been helping me remove trauma of the past and move forward.

BUT YOU’ve GOT TO KEEP MOVING! KEEP MOVING! Sometimes it’s as easy as not staying at home and moving out of your head and into talking to people, moving, getting out of your comfort zone. Move!


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