Forgiven And Cleared

You want someone that understands your heart, not just your head.

Today I met someone that understood dreams and visions, and asked about what I had to prophesy to him. I had this weird clear feeling in my heart.

This is a pure spirit, someone who is actually hungry for truth.

Then I realized that some people were not on the same level as me, and they were bringing me down.

Some of them often complained to me, discouraged me or even put me down. Some of them insulted me or criticized me. Some had no hunger for anything of God.

Of course there are various personalities and everyone is different but when God told me to go higher He meant it.

I prophesied to him that he must go higher, that there are people dragging him down. I saw a vision of him getting out of mud. I told him he needed to release or fade away from people that did not encourage him to move higher.

I was speaking to myself. This was clear to me.

He listened to my podcast, an episode about Disneyland and going after my heart’s desires.

He asked if I always wrote down my dreams and I said no.

Going after the things of the Spirit instead of being this person who takes on false responsibility to take care of others.

I’m supposed to set people free by relaying a message to them, not be burdened to take care of them.

I’m supposed to send the two edged sword of truth to pierce through their spirit and bring light and clarity into their muddied situation.

I also heard the Lord say “don’t punish yourself for the past, live in freedom, you’ve been forgiven, don’t be afraid to make mistakes”.

I guess you can say for the last month, because of all the crazy things that’s happened, I blamed myself for trusting people and feeling betrayed, I blamed myself for things that weren’t even my fault.

But now clarity, you are pure in God’s eyes.

You are not condemned.

Today I got a reminder of this, I received an email stating I am receiving a settlement for a company I worked for, this amount was the same amount as this speeding ticket I got a few weeks ago.

Your debt is cleared, you are forgiven. You are free. Run!


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