Aligning With Truth and Desire

The more YOU speak your truth, the more you invite TRUTH to come into your life.

Everything THAT is true will come into your life when you stop BS-ing.

I realized that I didn’t have to feel sad anymore about the wrong things exiting my life because God was bringing me into alignment.

I’m so glad God removed certain people in my life because I felt responsible for their happiness. I was relying on them for happiness but I was no longer happy being around them.

Because hanging out with them meant I HAD to become something I wasn’t, they wanted to put me in a box.

They wanted me to minimize my light, they were so scared to be who they are meant to be, scared to go after what they want that I could no longer be around them.

In the last year, the number of insults I got was really uncountable. People said that I was too much, that I was crazy, they told me that I was “too picky” with what I wanted in a man, people said that it was going to be hard to find someone who was also waiting until marriage to have sex, people said that it was hard to find someone who wants to be in a relationship.

People said those things because they did not believe that God had a plan for me or even for them.

But I spoke up for myself and for what God promised me.

God promised me my husband, God told me I was going to shine and nothing could stop me, but I needed to believe that for myself. I had to fight all the negative voices. I had to believe in myself.

People I hung out with told me it was trashy to talk to strangers, so they also exited my life because fear controlled them.

People that were scared to be seen also exited my life.

People that were too self-conscious exited my life.

People that wanted to be fake, wanted to lie exited my life.

I felt abandoned, I felt rejected but I didn’t realize GOD was promoting me! Because untruth, lies were leaving my life. I was finally stepping into the truth of who I was, a queen who reigned. But I had to KEEP moving forward instead of holding onto people who weren’t living in alignment to God’s identity for them.


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