Breaking The Numbness In Our Hearts

Yesterday I felt such an impartation of the Holy Spirit I have not felt in awhile. I felt like my heart jolted wide open again. Fear of getting hurt got me stuck, but as I really surrendered to God and SPOKE the words He was telling me, I felt fear come off of people.

I was afraid to get hurt because I opened up my heart as the Lord told me to but encountered disappointment and pain.

The numbness caused me to be more quiet than usual, but suddenly I felt a roar in my Spirit like never before.

GOD IS BREAKING OFF THE NUMBNESS! There is a deaf and mute spirit where PEOPLE have been so HURT And traumatized, they are no longer feeling their emotions. They are becoming hard and God is breaking the numbness right now.

Self- protection will never get you anywhere. He is doing a deep work in your heart, and you will not be allowed to bring the baggage of yesterday.


Venmo –  

Thank you for partnering with me to reach people for Christ!



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