Love and Pain

Healing comes from love and conversation, from people who can relate, from kindred spirits.

Love allows you to weep into someone’s arms. Love allows you to say that you’re hurt.

Love isn’t always a clean canvas, it needs to be revised, spoken up about, revealed, unveiled.

Love will cause you to forgive when you want to keep your heart closed.

Love is the drive but you need to let love in.

I felt love for you today and I realized that we were both in the same boat, that we could raise each other up, that’s what love is. I felt love for you and I could understand your pain. I know it’s trauma bonding but I also know when to release you, that’s what love is.

You are not incapable, less than. You are worthy of love. And so love allows you to fly. Since your growth may hurt me, since your transformation may take time, I am allowing you to fly free and be the person you are now. Instead of putting you in a cage and telling you to be something you’re not.

And you’re not my husband either, so I need to move on, move on and find the one God made for me. We are all healing together and it’s not easy, but if we let love in, we’ll experience true love.

I learned something new today, that love sometimes doesn’t make sense, that we heal from our wounds by loving others and allow that love to seep in.

You’re an amazing human being and you know it. Keep opening your heart to God and love, to others and new people. I am not the only one that will understand you, I am not your only friend, there are others just like me. I send you off with love and know that I will always be here somehow.

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