Testimony of Divine Appointments

People have ears to hear and eyes to see but they’ve been blinded.

Yesterday the Lord brought me to a Lyft driver. I immediately knew he was Christian when I got in the car and I asked if he is. He was suprised and weirded out that I asked him that, but sure enough he was.

I can tell if they are, if they believe in Jesus or grew up Catholic, Christian. We talked for awhile and initially the Lord said to go rent a car, which was basically to go up this street in Pasadena. When we got there his interest was piqued. I asked if he wanted to go eat.

He was really surprised and said yes. He asked me more about the prophetic and I answered. He said that it was the first time he felt the Holy Spirit in a long time, this morning. He even woke up and listened to worship music. He hadn’t felt it in a long time and he had been praying for God to show him someone who is actually serving outside of the church, doing something.

I told him about how I would listen to God’s voice and meet tons of lost sheep or people to prophesy to.

He asked how I knew it was God, I said it was obvious I would meet the people God wanted me to meet, just as I met him.

The truth is, unfortunately, people follow their fears more than God.

I try to keep my heart open every day. But I’ve been crying everyday because I feel the grief on people, I feel their pain. Sometimes people act out and I don’t know how to take it.

I pray for the scales to be lifted it off.

He had been really hurt by the church. He tried to get a job as a youth pastor but they chose someone else since he was single. He told me he hadn’t seen his dad for 15 years, he was back in Africa. I prophesied to him that he needed to go home.

Later at night the Lord told me to go to Pasadena to see someone who was at a treatment center for Meth. He couldn’t come out because he’d be kicked out but I felt led to go to Target.

At the parking lot I met a guy with his kid. I asked for his instagram and read he was in prison for 10 years. He was locked up for firearms and shooting someone in the foot. He was also Christian.

May the Lord open your eyes and our eyes to His reality. I finally cried again at night because I felt the emotions of trying to reconcile with people but realizing that not everyone is meant to be in your life. I accepted that reality and realized that I needed to continue moving forward and prophesying as the Lord led me to- to receptive ears.

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