Prophet and Pastor To Lost Sheep

I’m starting to understand myself a lot better and accept myself as how God created me.

I’m a prophet who also pastors lost sheep.

I flow the best when there is no one trying to control me or tell me what to do. I am led by the Spirit in me and my heart. I can feel peoples’ hearts. Control comes from fear so where the Spirit of the Lord there is freedom. Freedom is in direct opposition from fear.

I don’t deal well when there is

  1. manipulation
  2. control
  3. fear
  4. Guilt/shame

Some people are so used to those 4 that they won’t even recognize when they’re being influenced by a spirit of fear.

I love telling stories about following the Holy Spirit to lost sheep.

My heart gets tight when I am being quit tripped or shamed, I can feel physical manifestation of false responsibility= there will suddenly be a weight on my shoulder and my shoulder will start to ache.

If you often feel weight on your shoulders, it is false responsibility. You feel like you are responsible for someone or something that is not yours to carry. Pray to God – “I cast out this false responsibility to you and I denounce it. I am not responsible for his/her feelings or lives”.

I don’t do well with mundane facts, I don’t care.

I am a heart led person so my is to be led to lost sheep. My job is to set people free, so I prophesy into their lives and often leave. People do often come to me for advice but it’s also vital to note that I am not a therapist so I am not repsonsible to hear everyone’s problems.

I fix a “spiritual tire” by delivering solutions but often times people want to put burdens on me. They want to weigh me down with their problems.

People tell me I have to be more patient but my gifting is actually to catapult people and the quicker I can do it the better. Because most people are stuck and they don’t want to change so God sends me to people for a quick launch.

I don’t like to be bored.

Flowing with the Holy Spirit is NEVER BORING! When I am bored I can tell I am skimming the surface with someone and need to go deeper. Or sometimes it means I need to keep moving.

I am very emotional. I can feel peoples’ emotions. I cry and can feel their emotions. Which also means I have to pray often so I don’t carry peoples’ baggage home.

There is not ONE DAY that I experience the same things. I meet new people everyday and they are usually people who have been outcasted and rejected by their parents, society or the church. Some people find my life crazy, chaotic, sporadic.

I have rushed to the train station in a minute’s notice and have bought many flights at the airport. I have woken up with a word from God, instructions to go somewhere, packed a few underwear and called an uber to the airport.

I feel stagnant when I am submitting to fear. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated when I listen to God and go where He leads me.

I love telling my life story to people. I love to have fun and dance, create.

I don’t necessarily have to prove anything or do anything with people. I love adventures and having fun. Having fun is where I thrive best. Joy is the fruit of the Spirit, so if there is no joy I am probably allowing false responsibility take over.

God has been calling me to go to Alaska- if you feel a burden to reach out to lost sheep or help this ministry, please consider giving below. May the Lord bless and multiply your giving. God bless you!

Consider giving to this ministry of reaching lost sheep- 

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