“I don’t just want to be one of your girls”

I guess that’s how I felt my mom was to my dad. Just another warm body, a woman, not special. Otherwise why would he have gotten with other women. Did she even matter to him? Or was it just infatuation. What makes one person better than the other.

My new friend picked me up and initially I was going to get dropped off but we talked more. He had a pretty traumatic upbringing. We talked about his ex and how his ex promised that she would never hurt him, but she cheated on him the next day. He was depressed for a long time, became psychotic.

I said that when someone starts wanting to become physical with me, I feel unsafe. I only feel safe if they really spent time and have gotten to know me, understood my heart. But most of the time I feel like a prey. I feel used, for their gratification. That’s why I am glad I am waiting for marriage to have sex because I want a man who really honors my heart. What does it take to honor my heart? For someone to really want to communicate with me. Most men don’t want to spend the time to understand my heart. They see your breasts, they want to get physical with you.

I felt unsafe today when someone tried to ask me to go to their apartment. I was just walking by.

I felt unsafe because he seemed drunk.

I don’t feel safe when people are drunk and I am completely sober. I feel unsafe with men who are intoxicated. It reminds me of my dad.

I really suggest to woman not to open themselves up physically to a man if they don’t have the same intention. It is damaging. Men may be able to numb their hearts and not feel a thing, but for women it’s very attaching. The truth is, it is just as emotionally damaging to a man but society says they can take it.

I feel loved when someone takes the time to understand me. I feel loved when they honor my boundaries.

I may complain about people but at the end of the day I know every person I meet is a lesson in communication and love. I want to be special to someone, not just another girl or a warm body.

I want to come home to one person. But until then I know I am special to God.

My mom yelled “go to sleep!” but I didn’t want to. I cried because my heart suddenly hated my dad again. How could he do this to my mom. I could see why God had me live with my mom, because our healing is a mutual thing. Her healing has to do with my healing.

I’ve been talking to her about men and I can tell she cringes when I talk to men. She probably hates them. My brother won’t even talk to her. She for sure hates my dad, after more than 20 years.

But as I heal and talk about my experiences, I can see that it brings healing to her heart. I don’t want to hate men. When I hear sad stories from men, I realize they’re just human, like me. Men have been hurt by women too. I pray today God will heal your heart from your past.

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