Overcome Regrets From Past Relationships

Do you have regrets about your past relationships?

Do you have regrets? I do.

Sometimes I have regrets about eating fried junk food, calamari, mcdonald’s. I’ve had regrets about my ex best friend, investing time and energy into people that betrayed me. I’ve had regrets about why my heart and God didn’t tell me to buy a car, and why I don’t have anything material to show for the money I could have used towards something material – versus the kingdom of God.

I have regrets about following God even, like recently I was so mad at God for the pain I experienced from people flaking on me, betraying me, walking away.I had regrets about serving God. Because I got hurt.I had regrets about letting people into my heart.I had regrets about liking whoever I liked, or letting them hurt me.

But at the end of it I hear God say this- even to you:“Don’t regret the past, you learned from it. You didn’t do anything wrong. You were living in freedom. Tell me how you feel. You’re not wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. Keep living in freedom”.Keep living in freedom, keep having fun. I know you fell when you dance, but keep dancing.

I see an image of you on the floor, head down.You head is burrowed in your knees, your knees are bent. There are people playing on the playground and you’re alone. You punish yourself for doing wrong or messing up. Someone yelled at you on the playground, stole your toy, someone stepped on your toy and destroyed it. 

You are really mad at yourself for letting anyone play with your toy. You regret sharing your toy with your friend.

Or you had a best friend but they went to play with someone else, they left you alone. You look dismayed, you are shocked. You never thought they would stop playing with you. You want to give up.

“No one will ever want to play with me”. You think. You feel unwanted, you feel like shit. You don’t want to put yourself out there anymore. You don’t want to make new friends. But you have to. Don’t give up!

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