I hate men right now. I went through a few experiences where I don’t really understand them.

My dad basically ghosted me for 10 years and my whole life.

My brother ghosted my mom and I for years.

Then men I meet ghost too, friends, dates.

I don’t really understand it.

Sometimes I wonder how I’m ever going to marry a man because a lot of times I see them shut down and I’m unable to communicate with them. A lot of men don’t really want to talk through things, they just want to hide and disappear.

I met this guy at a restaurant a few months ago and he contacted me. Asked me to hang out. He picked me up but when I saw him I asked to see his eyes because he was wearing sunglasses. I asked to see it even for a few seconds but he refused to take off his sunglasses. So I said “the whole time we are hanging out you’re going to leave your sunglasses on?”

He said “yes, the sun hurts his eyes”.

But I couldn’t even see him for 1 second?

I do believe he is a lost sheep but at the same time it’s important for me to see someone’s eyes to connect even briefly. I believe eye contact is a source of building trust.

He said that he just wanted to be chill and he said that I was making things awkward so he said that he didn’t want to hang out anymore.

So I got off the car.

And went home. I tried to call or text him but he didn’t reply.

I’ve been led to different spiritual

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