God Is Father To The Orphans

The girl I prayed for and ministered to was 19 who felt like home wasn’t home. I drove around the gym 3 times for some reason and couldn’t really “go home” even when I past my home. I would sit in my car and think of her, someone who wanted to hear what I had to say. I thought of my home with a disapproving mother who criticized me.

I sat in my car and couldn’t move. Where was home?

I always had a heart for young people and children who felt homeless or neglected because I was neglected. My friend said I would teach the gospel to orphans and I’ve pastored lost sheep who have been outcasted by churches and society in 20 countries. I went back to the gym to take her home. Because she was now family. For some reason I couldn’t just leave.

God had told me to go to the gym. It was random but I went. I had no membership and she was trying to explain the price. I said I did ministry.

She said she could use the help so I reached over to pray with her. I started prophesying things about her life. She was shocked I knew.

She accepted Jesus with me and felt heat in her body. I felt so much joy like it was my birthday. Knowing that she is now family.

I know how it feels to be homeless and to not have anyone to turn to as I ministered on the road. But to go to God as my only stability. I grew up with an absent father who wasn’t physically or emotionally there. I found my stability in Christ alone. He fathered me and I’ve been able to mother many young people all over the world. I love my mother but I also didn’t feel encouraged growing up. So I had to find encouragement through God.

Jesus is the only one who can be home to you. He will love you for who you are And accept you totally.

This night I woke up and this poem came into my head. It’s about foster kids. It’s a poem from God.

Life in a plastic bag

2 pairs of underwear

3 t shirts

2 pairs of pants

My life on the run, no parents, I feel like an orphan

Who will love me for who I am?

When will the yelling stop?

When will my pain subside?

I’m a child of God, not an orphan.

I’ll call my Heavenly Father daddy.

He won’t disappoint me.

I trust Him totally.

When will someone love me for who I am? And when will I stop pretending?

Life in a plastic bag.

I found home and I found my family. This time they love me for who I am.

I also met a man who felt spiritually alone and didn’t grow up with his father today. I got to talk to him and tell him who God can be for him.

I place the orphans back into God’s family. Those who are alone.

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