About Rebekka’s Ministry

In 2015 the Lord said I was a pastor to the lost sheep. I sold everything to follow Jesus. I got rid of my car and apartment to follow Jesus each day at a time and ended up returning home for 2 years. During that time the Lord trained me in rest. He said you are a child of God, First and foremost.

You are not defined by your career or your marriage status. You are not defined by how much you have but on who you are in Christ Jesus.

About my ministry-

Last year since July I spent one year on the road as the Holy Spirit Led, praying and prophesying over people. Some people I met were not Christians some were.

For the Christians I often prayed no condemnation over them and had to explain the grace of God as churches don’t teach grace, they often teach works.

God has called me to-

1. People who don’t go to church

2. Outcasts, artists, misfits, people who desire freedom and are not finding it in religion or society, I share about how Jesus came to free us not give us rules. I share the freeing grace of God to free them from death and fear!

3. Atheists, agnostics and nonchristians

4. Religious bond Christians that live under condemnation- my job is to break the spirit of condemnation and guilt as Jesus’ blood has paid for us to be free!

God calls me to –

1. Unlock the seeds of destinies and dreams in people. I prophesy dreams they’ve always dreamed of or don’t even know about yet! Most are too afraid to chase after their dreams, they don’t believe it can be done.

I’ve called people into starting ministries,writing books, starting businesses, playing music, becoming politicians, whatever I see in visions or whatever I hear God say I will release it to people. Sometimes I run after people in malls or on the streets if God says to do so.

I speak into people’s situations and give them God given solutions out of their stuck place.

Most are shocked at the accuracy and are grateful for an answer from heaven.

I also pastor them continually. Some people pastor people in a building, but I pastor people all around the world. I am building God’s church. We live in a big world where we can easily connect via the web. Praise God for that.

2. Help encourage and nurture the dreams God has called them to. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes the next month they listen to God and act upon the prophesied. If I hear God say something I will tell them.

3. Bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His saving grace. I have led many to Christ.

I am a prophet, apostle and evangelist. Sometimes I’m also a singer and creative, sometimes I’m a runner because I have to run to catch buses or flights.

More and more people are becoming interested in what I do as they discover that they are children of God and can live in the freedom God has for them.

I don’t go to church, I am the church. I am building the church around the world and am being led by the spirit as I prepare the world for Jesus’ return.

I’m a female version of Paul. I help people start their dreams and encourage them along the way. And I will go where the spirit leads me no matter the cost. I live out of a suitcase what can I say? There are key individuals that are open to Jesus, and God leads me to them.

Will you be part of this movement? Consider giving to this movement and seeing lives transformed. And know that when God leads I also pray and prophesy over my partners because you are part of the church. You are the arms and body, I’m the feet and mouth maybe.

But we are not apart from each other. We need each other more than ever.

And when you’re in need of prayer or help, do let me know. We are in it together.



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This family literally just came to me and asked to take photos with me. They are of the Jainism faith and I got to share Jesus with them. In India.