Prophetic Word- LAUNCH!

I feel very heavily in my spirit the word to launch. I’ve already launched and pioneered a ministry for over a year. I went through the quit my job, sell everything and follow Jesus phase but today God started to speak to me about peoples’ destinies and callings and I started messaging people what God was saying.

It was in addition to what I already told them.

Many of you have been in seasons of hiding and pain and you’re afraid to come out.

But God actually wants to use that pain to be glorified. Some of you He has called to write and speak about your experiences, no matter how traumatic they are.

If you’ve been through abortions, abuse, cheating, been the cheater, been in painful relationships, had miscarriages, lost a loved one, etc God wants you to speak about it. You’ve been judged? You’ve been in judgmental churches? You have felt shame, guilt and condemnation? Talk about it.

You’ve messed up and been on drugs, got off and went to rehab? Was in an abusive relationship?

By coming out you’ll be healed and so will thousands of others. God wants you to be free from your pain.

It’s your seed. Your ministry!

Are you ready??? Launch!

It’s time to let go of everything that sounds like plan b and go all in on the plan A God has called you to. That may mean quitting your job, moving or booking a one way flight. He’s got you!

It’s time to launch-

Sow a seed.

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