Dear Bri

Today #god told me I’m going to stay with someone…He said go to #northshore so I took 2 hours to get there, in town God told me to get off the bus; I went to pee and then went back to the bus stop. I told a guy I was a missionary, then some other guy overheard, said I could stay with him, but he was drinking from his bag…I just kept hearing God say “go with him”. I’m like God I don’t really want to but I trust you. When I got on the bus a girl and her dad came on to sit near me and the guy that was drinking. The girl started talking to me and her dad and I started talking about God and being led by the spirit. Anyways I felt God said to stay with them and I got off the bus with them. Here I am.

Later she told me she was at church at the park and she suddenly wanted to go home so she told her dad “let’s go”, he said let’s wait until the bus gets here.

And I ended up being on the bus she was going on. And she always sits at the back too.

As I’m laying here listening to the ac unit from above dripping, my heart causes me to tear up. I said a few things to Bri that spoke to my heart. Here’s a letter to Bri.

Dear Bri,

When I was 14 I felt powerful. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to be a missionary just like you. I had aspirations, I was unjaded.

I was unafraid. I believed all things are possible. But as life progressed, everyone tried to tell me otherwise. The accusations and pressures of parents, the intimidation of bosses and coworkers, threats…I grew weary Bri. My heart grew weary.

Life can be so hard.

I’m telling you now there are mountains ahead, but don’t give up. I’m learning to go back to my 14 year old self and tell her, don’t give up. You’ll feel tired at times, but you are enough.

People will tell you to be a certain way, they’ll tell you you’re not enough, don’t give up. People will accuse you and tell you you’re not believing right, but don’t give up. You’ll feel inadequate and insecure at times, but in God’s eyes you are perfect.

I want you to look at Jesus alone, not to the left or right. He will always look at you with adoration and say “I’m proud of you”.

He won’t tell you what to believe in or what to follow. He will say “come take my hand, you are enough”.

His words are always gentle. His love amazing.

He will give you strength when the devil comes to tear you down. And the devil will come. I know he’s always tried to knock me down.

The devil will come in the form of people to make you feel less than. But don’t look in the mirror, look at Jesus who has already finished the work on the cross.

Today I prayed over you. I saw you drawing, performing, writing, I saw you dancing, I saw you shining.

Today I felt God giving back the 14 year old heart that I once had- a powerful, hopeful, unjaded heart.

Thank you for allowing me into your heart and talking to me on the bus. That’s the girl I’ve always been, unafraid of rejection, pure and unjaded, bold.

You’re my example. Don’t ever change even when the world tells you to; because the unique ones always stand out and some people’s only life goal is to prevent you from shining.

But keep shining. You are amazing!

Today we watched my reality show appearances and we laughed and talked about the possibilities of future appearances. You said you wanted to be in one, and you will because you are meant to shine. Be yourself and don’t change for anyone!


Sow a seed-