Come Out Of Hiding

Dear Child,

I see your tears. I see your pain and I’m holding you in the palm of my hands. I know you’ve been betrayed, wrecked, abused, but I’m here and my love is sufficient for you.

I’m a good Father. You can trust me.

Dear Father,

Then why did you let this happen.

Dear child,

People are evil and are broken. Broken people hurt people.

But my love is sufficient and can heal all wounds.

Come out dear child. You can come out of the cave. Come out come out.

I think maybe I’m done loving or feeling the pain. But God says- keep loving, keep allowing your heart to be broken and open.

I found myself holding hands and crying with people in the last couple weeks. Pain and grief.

God has opened a new door to the new season. He is saying “come out and don’t be afraid”. I want you to come out and not hide anymore emotionally.

Love again, speak again, sing again.

Are you willing to love again?

Release disappointment, release unforgiveness and bitterness and come out of hiding.

It’s time to speak your truth.

Writing from Samoa

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