Give To Good Soil

Hi folks!

I am moving on tomorrow and just going where the spirit leads. I’m currently in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Here’s a testimony from today-

At around 12 the Lord told me to go to Panmure. I went to the bus stop and when the bus arrived I was the first one on. The lord said to pray for him. Well I asked if he was from India and he said yes. I said I was a missionary and he said “please pray for my mom. She’s paralyzed, has a blood clot in her brain for 3 years, had arthritis for 40 years”.

He said Panmure was actually his last stop and he was getting off work.

I thought God definitely planned this.

He got off work and we walked off the bus. There I prayed healing over his mother. I asked him if he believed in Jesus and he said he believes in God and he believes in prayer. I said Jesus died on the cross for all sicknesses and all sins.

Does this picture of a cloud look like a face to you??? Because it looks like a face to me!!!

Video about going and moving with the Spirit!

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