Follow Your Heart & Live Big!

I wrote this on the bus today and ended up reading it to a girl I met at a cafe!

I don’t think we are meant to settle down.

Settle down sounds like settling.

I think we are meant to follow our hearts and never settle down. I think we are meant to overcome the fear of change and move with the spirit of change.

The spirit is always beckoning us to progress, to adventure, to go out of our comfort zone, to break new levels of ceilings and man made systems/structures.

We are made to never settle down.

The only reason we get tired is when we allow the spirit of lack tell us we aren’t enough and we can’t.

Because all things are possible for those who are in Christ Jesus.

We can be energetic at all ages. We can be revitalized if we believe the truth that we are enough in Christ Jesus and with God all things are possible.

Our lives are meant to be so much bigger than the norm. Most people are frustrated and trying to control their lives out of the fear of lack when they should actually be following their hearts and living big.


Then Jesus explained: “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work.”

This morning the Lord said to me “go to Sylvia park”. So I went even though I kind of wanted to spend a day in bed. Right when I got to the bus stop I met a Taiwanese guy who was on working holiday. I was immediately encouraged to know that the Lord had sent me to meet him, he had ended up at this bus stop because he took the wrong bus!

Then I got to the mall and at a makeup stand doing my brows, I met an Iranian woman and a Chinese girl who was Christian by tradition.

Then I felt like I wanted Starbucks and walked past a chocolate cafe. God often leads me with food cravings!

I felt the spirit tell me to sit next to a girl and we ended up talking for an hour and it was so good to pray for her and share my testimony with her.

She was wanting to live a life free from societal expectations and pressures from her mother. We had such a common story. I told her how I felt pressured to please my mom but I learned that I deserve to be happy and explained that Jesus paid for us to follow our hearts and live the life we want.

I also saw a vision of her drawing a window and she became a bird flying out of the window.

On the way back, I forgot to swipe my at hop card but the security guard gave me a free pass. At the bus stop I got to bless a woman from Sri Lanka.

I felt so nourished! I felt fed. I’m so glad I obeyed and went. This is what life with the spirit looks like, it’s never without surprises and always feeds my heart. Whenever I can bless and encourage someone, I feel like I’m giving life to myself as well.

Follow the spirit.

God will always lead you and provide for you as you do His work!

Give- thank you!