A Love That Doesn’t Give Up

Auckland, New Zealand

Video I made about emotional wholeness- https://www.facebook.com/rebekka.lien/videos/10161670843665603?sfns=mo

I realize my family don’t talk. Not really. It’s like that song “we don’t talk anymore”. I think the fear of judgement has prevented me previously from reaching out to my mom but slowly I’ve realized that I know who I am in Christ and even if she doesn’t understand my purpose or calling as a pastor, evangelist, it’s okay.

Because love can be one sided sometimes.

But there’s a bigger love, Christ love. The more I talk to strangers and approach them the more I realize that God desires for me to love people the way He loves them.

Jesus isn’t afraid of rejection or judgement. In fact He was judged on the cross for something that wasn’t even His fault.

But His Love was capable of withstanding accusations. Because He knew who He was.

A son of God.

R- putting my heart out there day after day can be really difficult. Yesterday I felt so much better when you actually led me to people who were open.

G- my love perseveres and your Chinese name 連恒 means continuous perseverance. I named you.

R- it’s hard being rejected over and over again. I want to give up sometimes.

G- the more you experience the stronger you become in your identity. You are wholly unrejectable, you are my child. You are accepted in my eyes. You are my warrior. Don’t give up.

Story from yesterday

Had several divine encounters today. The lord told me to go to the library but it wasn’t open and I ended up sitting down. Then a woman came and I said it’s not open. I ended up praying for her and she told me she was christened Anglican. And that she needed a lot of prayer as she was going to Europe next week.

I walked 30 minutes to meet one lady.

Then I talked to a man on the bus. Then when I was about to eat the Lord told me to go to Nando’s and the spirit gave me a feeling to sit near a man who I later saw in a vision he was a pastor helping people.

Turns out he really did think about pastoring.