Reign In Power, Identity and Authority – all things new 2019 prophetic word

Don’t wallow in pain this year. Open heart. Open book. I hear the Lord say “live in power and truth” this year.

We need to know our identity- that we are sons and daughters of God and everything is under our foot.

We need to live in power- knowing the resurrected Christ lives in us!

We need to live in authority knowing that we can speak to any mountain or challenges and cause them to move!

We often focus so much on our emotions we don’t break the cycle of depression and feelings with truth.

One time I was feeling really sad about what someone said about me and I kept repeating to people what that person said about me.

One girl suddenly said “but what does God say about you?”

And I started repeating the truth. Well He loves me and approves of me. Suddenly I realized I needed to just live in the truth.

I needed to ignore my feelings because the truth set me free.

Cool. Well people say stuff about you- but is it the truth??? And if it isn’t, why do we focus on it?

This year we need to focus on what God says about us.

We need to be reading and proclaiming the word not what we see around us, not Facebook, not there news.

One time my cousin told me that I’ll never be enough if I don’t work more in the corporate world-

I felt bad. I realized yes I might not be enough before I believed in Jesus but by Christ’s sacrifice I am enough.

In the world’s eyes I might not be enough but the Lord qualified me by His grace.

I can rest in the fact that He finished the work and God is the one that will open the doors, not me.

My God provides for me, protects me, paves the way for me. He is not my crutch, He is my being. He lives in me.

This year I will live like God- in the impossibilities that people see things as.

I will walk through red seas, I will reign in the royal castle, I will part impossibilities because with my God all things are possible!!!

Stop letting the devil step all over you!!! Shout if you need to! I’m a child of God, not an orphan! My God is more able to overcome and He has already overcome my challenges on the cross!!

He finished the work on the cross! I am blessed! I am victorious! I am powerful! I am abundant! I change lives!

Sow a seed, make an offering! Your giving makes changing lives possible as I minister to and share the gospel of grace to people in the world!