Pain, Love And Desire

“don’t believe that pleasure is something we are supposed to avoid, pleasure and desire is from God” I said.

This was a conversation I was having with a buddhists. That is why many priests end up molesting kids because they are “forced” to suppress their sexual desires. Sex has always been a gift from God, but something that He gifted for a marriage relationship.

I don’t believe we are to meditate or enlighten ourselves out of our desires or pain- I believe pain teaches us perseverance. I believe desire is how the Holy Spirit leads us. Pain causes us to intercede for those we feel pain for.

I know in Buddhism it teaches that we are to think nothing and not to be attached to anything but we were made to be in relationship with God. Without love, we are nothing.

Today I saw a Korean restaurant and desired Korean food. Because of my desire I knew God had predestined a divine appointment.

This pregnant lady sat next to me. The night before I had dreamed that I was pregnant. The lady’s baby would be birthed on my birthday month- February.

We had ordered the same dish too!

Desire is how God leads us but often times because we don’t trust our hearts we don’t flow with the spirit.

You need to be spirit filled and receive Jesus to start walking this path of desire.

Desires that are accompanied with brokenness surely leads us to broken places, but through the spirit teaching us- desire is truly a gift.

Today I went back to the hostel, after talking to a man on the bus, praying for a lady at lunch, several different encounters…I felt so weary and tired.

I tried to sleep but started crying. Lord please open their hearts. Buddha can’t help them- only you can! Jesus show them your love.

I can’t imagine praying to something that never replies. God talks to me all the time. I have vivid dreams everyday.

God I pray you will send out workers, send missionaries. Don’t allow them to let their feelings of unworthiness stop them from speaking.

Yes it can be painful to love people, but it’s worth it. Lord give my heart strength. I rely on you alone.

Sow a seed, make an offering! Your giving makes changing lives possible as I minister to and share the gospel of grace to people in the world!