Find Legitimacy in Christ and Not Churches

I woke up from a dream where someone told me not to go somewhere but I realized I still wanted to go.

(Breaking off the religious spirit and living in freedom)

As I was walking God started speaking.

He said “a lot of people seek legitimacy in a certain church and not necessarily in Christ’s finished work”.

Going to church becomes part of the works mentality.

There’s a teaching that has been going on for ages that teaches if you don’t go to a specific church or church in general you must have gone astray or it’s important to have a “covering” or spiritual mother or father.

Basically people live like they are orphans and feel “whole” when they have a church leader approve of them.

So many Christians I talk to feel like “they’re not enough” because they haven’t gone to church for years and they feel like they’ve been a bad Christian.

There’s no such thing as being a bad Christian. You are saved by the blood of Jesus alone and not church attendance or even service to God.

Thousands of Christians slip in and out of church without ever being in relationship with anyone they trust at church- so would that suffice as “being a good Christian?”

You are qualified by the grace of God alone, nothing else.

I believe church is God’s people, not a building or even a regular place of worship.

In the Bible the disciples broke bread often, praying for one another. Our times have changed where we can break bread and pray for one another on Skype. We can share prayer requests and struggles online.

Is that any less of fellowship? And if Holy Spirit leads you to be meet another brother and sister at a McDonald’s by “divine appointment” isn’t that just as much as what Paul did while he traveled?

Church is about supporting each other, praying for each other, being with people you can be vulnerable with.

If that’s church, I have many churches. I have a church in Michigan, one in Europe, one in LA. They are my prayer warriors.

Our sonship comes from knowing who we are in Christ, not which leaders approve of us.

In fact, God was truly solidifying by identity in Him when leaders at my old church rejected and outcasted me, cursing me to destruction.

He’s saying “can your identity be shaken by mere humans or is your identity solidified in Christ’s finished work”.

There are so many spiritual orphans that are looking for other Christian leaders’ approval but Christ has already approved of you with His blood.

You don’t need TD jakes to approve of you, you don’t need to be on Elijahlist to be a legit prophet or to know God speaks to you, you don’t need even me to affirm you.

That is why I always ask people-

“What is your heart saying?”

Because if we give people straight answers they’ll never learn to hear God for themselves and to trust that their hearts being led by the spirit.

If people don’t trust themselves, how will they ever realize the resurrected Christ is directing them from within?

Since you are righteous in Christ Jesus, you are free to choose and trust your heart to choose.

For too long churches have taught people not to trust their hearts and as a result we have religious church goers and not spirit led people.

Where the spirit is there is freedom.

I don’t believe in rules, Jesus came to abolish rules.

He fulfilled every law so we can live in freedom.

Now it’s simply trusting that is it Him speaking through your heart and desires.

It’s a partnership, not a slave and master relationship. It’s a friendship.