An Unshakeable Identity


Most of us only feel secure or happy when life is going right, when our bills are paid, our kids are happy, our friends are supportive, our parents are saying “I’m proud of you”, when we are healthy, when we have ample income.

But this is what the Lord said to me “most Christians don’t know their identity, they don’t know who they are and are easily shaken by circumstances”.

He said this to me when I asked Him why it had to be so hard and why I had to go through these trials of trusting Him in the areas of finance while I am doing His work of delivering people out of bondage.

“I want you to be unshakeable”.

I want you to know who you are in the worst of circumstances, to know that you are a daughter of God, not an orphan, that with God all things are possible and that you are not DEFINED by what is going on around you.

I was asking God about well, black and white Africans. There are many affluent white Africans, they are primarily the ones that sit at nice restaurants in South Africa. I also met black Africans that have complained to me about snobby white Africans.

But you know what the Lord told me? When anyone defines their WORTH by how much money they have, they are already under the spirit of lack. 

Yesterday I got to pray for a woman in the bathroom. I was just asking the Lord to provide for me and there I was giving her most of what I had left. But when I prayed over her, I actually felt the spirit of fear leave me, I suddenly did not fear lack anymore because in giving, I was saying to God “you are more than enough”. 

But as I prayed and prophesied over her, I suddenly spoke identity into her and myself included.

Stand up, rise, you are not defined by anything going on around you, you are defined by the blood of Jesus, paid for by God. You are a son and daughter of God no matter what is happening in your life. 

That is your true and unshakeable identity.

So God is NOT more with you when He gives you a mercedez or a big house. He is not LESS with you when you live on the streets and have no money. 

He is with you wherever you are and He wants us to be unshaken by the circumstances in our lives.

You might think “well, that’s not fair, I’m living for the Lord and I’m advancing His kingdom, but those who have settled and denied you are living the life with their big mansions and big new cars, how is that fair?”

I hear the Lord say “because I am the life, the truth, I am everything you need, you can only find true satisfaction in me….they might have everything in the world, but without me, their hearts are empty and still searching”.

My food is to do the Father’s will.

That is what feeds me, I feed on the spirit of the Lord and I’m satisfied. 

That is spiritual maturity friends. 

You are enough.

You are whole and not lacking, the Lord is your shepherd and you lack nothing. You are righteous through the blood of Jesus and it is paid for by His blood, not your works.

Most of the people I pray for to break off the spirit of lack have stable jobs with weekly income, they have a home, they are supposedly secure but there is a spirit of fear on them…the fear is that they are not enough and that they don’t have enough. They are afraid to move forward, to break out of their rut, to venture forward into the unknown. They are not sure that God will catch them, that they are enough.

So why did He send someone who doesn’t have a “job” but a calling, someone who doesn’t know where the money will come from, who doesn’t know where God will be calling her next, who doesn’t know the specifics of the future but the ONE who holds the future?

Because in all these trials, God has given me authority and stability in My identity in Christ Jesus. My worth isn’t in whether I know what tomorrow holds, where the money will come from, whether my bills are paid, whether I have a phone (because my phone broke a week ago and yet God led me to where I needed to be).

In these trials, I’ve learned this “I am enough in Christ Jesus”. 

So I keep going forward because somehow God has cast out all fears and put a fiery fearlessness in my heart. Because with God all things are possible and I am a daughter of Christ Jesus, beloved, unmovable, gaining all authority with all things under my feet.

I’ve left everything I’ve known to follow a God I know.