Awaken Your Heart

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Prophetic Word- October 20, 2018

Awaken your heart.
It’s time to follow your heart and not hesitate. No more guilt or shame for these are not from God.
No one can tell you what is right or wrong for God put desires and dreams in your heart for a reason. It may look irresponsible and nonsense to others but to God it is God’s dreams, so don’t let others’ judgement cause you to back down.
It is my DREAM- says the Lord.
Not other peoples’ dreams, it’s mine and I planted it in your heart for a reason. Follow and be irresponsible in other peoples’ eyes, let them snare and spit.
It’s not your job to convince others that it is right in your eyes.

Most people have neglected their dreams, pushed down their desires, they think that is obedience to God but God is a dreamer, He plants dreams in our hearts since before birth. He is a visionary God.

Like the pharisees, many neglect their dreams and live under the law, they live for obligations, deadlines, the first of the month, for paying rent, for making others happy, for a bill paid, for a “job well done”, for rules and regulations, structure and schedules….but it is the few that will break out of the box and say “it doesn’t make sense, but I choose to be a dreamer who lives their dreams”.

The truth is you can only be one or the other.

You can only be a settler or a dreamer.
A settler settles for the status quo, for the model citizen, for other peoples’ expectations of who they should be.
A dreamer says I know you don’t agree with me, but I will go ahead anyways because I am worth it. I will break all boxes and all judgement because I am approved of and loved by God. I don’t need your approval, I know you will disapprove of me but even Jesus had enemies and haters.

You can’t be both.

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As hard as I tried to run away or to hide who I really am, I realize I am a full time minister.
My name is Rebekka Lien. I am a prophet, pastor and evangelist. I pray for people everyday, waiters, manicurists, homeless people, strangers, I prophesy over strangers and people I know. I am a full time minister. I do this all day everyday. I never made it official because I was scared of judgement or I felt unworthy. But I felt like it was time for me to come out completely. I am worthy. 

“the laborer is worthy of his wages” (Lk 10:7; 1 Tim 5:18)

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