When You Follow Jesus


When you follow Jesus, He will order your steps.

Before I went on the airplane to head to Taiwan, I started having dreams about getting married. In this one dream, I dreamed that I was wearing a wedding dress on the airplane.

On another day, I dreamed that I was getting married and that my mom had already ordered flowers.

SO let me just tell you, I had one dream where God said “get ready, and there were pictures of different guys and I was swiping”….and it has come true, God has led me to meet so many great men of God…I’m actually in total awe because I had a misconception that there were “no more good men around”.

But the truth is there is tons, but you will only meet them when you are following Jesus.


Which leads me to many testimonies of this trip.

I posted this on my facebook wall:

TESTIMONY and Prophetic Word for New Life City Church Cape Town 
This morning I felt led to go to church and before I even looked up a church I noticed a sign “New Life City Church” across the street. I said GOD you are making this easy for you. Praise God.

The message was about allowing holy spirit to move in the church and not being hindered by positional hierarchy (allowing church to minister to church), I start laughing.

When the message ended, God started telling me who to pray for so I went over and prayed for them. One girl in particular, I felt like I was giving birth with her, like Elizabeth and Sarah, where our wombs were leaping and I started weeping uncontrollably as I prayed over her- I kept hearing BIRTHING, you are birthing, you are birthing.

Pastor Demitri introduced himself to me, I asked to pray for him and I saw rain, heavy outpouring of rain and birthing, birthing. When I finished he said when I walked in he heard the word “angel”. He knew God had sent me to speak.

There were many testimonies, but that afternoon as I took a nap, I saw Pastor Matt playing piano and singing in anticipation, not knowing what his wife (Caroline) was going to sing next, but singing in anticipation. I saw that I was singing and some others in the church singing. It’s like you are finding power in the spirit now and making space of the spirit to move.

I woke up feeling like WOW. Revival. I’m still getting chills.


How good is our God.


Yesterday morning I met a guy named David, as we talked and prayed, I saw that he was a revivalist…then he told me a story of how he had no money as the officials took everything away from him, he had a fever for two months, and the LORD kept him alive. A good samaritan paid for him to go to Kenya and get treatment. THE LORD IS REAL.

Today I offered guavas to two men in the kitchen and I said “God bless you”, and of course they turned out to be Christians. We started sharing testimonies.

This is holy spirit moving.

I have many more stories but that is all for today.