Brave Heart


I have many feels.

I am a woman of tears.

This season I find myself consecrated to God in pools and floods of tears.

He calls me to walk on water and at times I stare at the water, how deep is it? What would it feel like to fall? What would it feel like to drown?

I have these questions and doubts and my heart can’t comprehend the extent of His love…

I often say yes but there are times when He tells me to pray for someone and I say “God not this time, I can’t”.

And He says “my grace is sufficient for you”.

I know that someone’s miracle may be in my words and prayer. But the fears creep in. It’s a total stranger, it’s a group of people. They can reject me, they have a right to.

That fear sometimes grips my heart and I’m unable to say yes.

Because it’s too quick God! I just prayed for someone in front of Starbucks, you want me to walk up to someone who doesn’t speak any English and try to explain that I want to pray for him?

Yes. Because I love this man.

So I am sending you.

Reckless love, a love that knows no fear. This is what I am discovering about God. He wants His children to have no fear.

I thought I knew anything about love but when I’m confronted with my own fears I realize God is breaking off any measure of fear.

His love is so big He desires for me to love in a big way, without fear.

I am completely wrecked.

What kind of crazy love is this? This love that has no fear of rejection, a love that Is perfect.

A love that says I’ll put my heart out there regardless of how you will respond. God is not afraid of rejection, He will keep knocking until you open the door.

God will love in face of persecution and hate.

I will love even if I face rejection and persecution because this is my purpose. Love.

Come to me says the Lord, I will make your heart brave.

– I am holding a stranger’s baby. You see how open people are to love?