Heart- Come Out Of Hiding.


Comfort is actually saying you have no more capacity to love or be loved.

This trip has been more about me opening my heart than anything else. Though I am called to meet people and prophesy over them, if has challenged my heart more than anything.

After each encounter I find my heart tense, and I cry to Jesus. In those moments my heart is expanded. God how you love, and how my heart is being stretched to love.
In the wilderness, I was comfortable, safe, wrapped up by God’s wings. He kept me there so I could rest from the abuse, the accusations, the torment of wounds. Though I was still accused by people around me, I didn’t have to face the normal amount of human interaction.

Before I left to go to Taiwan in July, I started having dreams about weddings. I dreamed that I was getting ready for my wedding on the airplane.

God called me at each city and place to go out of my comfort zone, sometimes He told me to pray for people at 5am, sometimes He asked me to tell my testimony to strangers, sometimes He told me to move beds so I could be closer to someone that needed a word…each time I thought, I can’t do this anymore, it’s too hard.

Perfect love casts out fear. He was showing me what it looks like to have the essence of Jesus- His love knows no bounds and is not afraid to show His heart at the risk of being wounded. Real love requires a risk of being hurt and wounded.

I realize it’s a picture of marriage.

Marriage in general but also the laying down of one’s life for another, the stretching of your heart, the capacity to give and receive love.

This is a prophetic word- some of you are still in hiding. You are hiding because of old emotional wounds and hurts. You don’t want to come out and be seen. When you are seen, you lay down your heart and say look at me, I’m vulnerable, I need love and I want to love.

We often don’t take time to process things with God because we are afraid of what our hearts show us.

God has stretched me so much, I had to continually examine my heart and allow His love to pour into my heart.

Where there was fear, love.
Where there was tension, ease.
Where there was bitterness, forgiveness.
Where there was hate, love.

How willing are you to be stretched by God so that you understand what love really is?

Will you come out of hiding now?
It’s a big love this love.