Your Love is Louder Than The Lies


Osaka, Japan

Papa your love is louder than the noise of fear!

God we decree that you are protecting your children! We are not orphans that have to fend for ourselves! We do not live in fear of the future or famine! God we are protected by your mighty hand. God we cry out when the storm rages! You are our strong defender and if you have to use my Voice to speak up for the oppressed, I will speak in the face of demons.

Tonight, the night before I move onto another city to seek God’s lost sheep- I have yet another moment of fear.

The lady 8 doors down my room start blasting music or the tv. Of course no one will complain. Most people are too passive, but I go downstairs immediately and tell the manager. I encountered this 2 times already, each time I had to just confront the person. Of course I got mad stares. But my peace and my rest or live in fear?

Two managers had to knock on her door.

Sometimes when instances like this happens I feel helpless- because the first time this happened in Korea I had to confront her twice, the three times – that’s when she started screaming at me in Korean. I knew one word- crazy. I watch enough Korean dramas to know.

But in the spiritual warfare, the distractions and noise of the enemy I’ve learned to fight in prayer and worship.

I feel the fear creeping in but I say God I’m not an orphan! I’m a child of God and you are defending me.

Papa I will not fear. I will face the fears!

We are expanding God’s kingdom. Everywhere I go I meet His beloveds, I relay God’s message to them.

Spiritual warfare comes with expansion, yes sometimes its difficult and many times I weep and cry as I release fear or anxiety- but in those moments I get closer to God.

The enemy meant you harm but it only drove you closer to God.