Rest Is Acceleration


Rest is acceleration.

Rest might sound annoying to those that have been “resting” for awhile, it seems like your life have been in transition for too many years…it seems like you are there but never arriving, like you jumped but you can’t find land.

Rest is very important to God.

In fact, He is always resting. He already finished His work on the cross. 

That is why He beckons us to rest so that we go back to who we really are, sons and daughters, prince and princesses resting on our throne. 

We are not orphans or beggars working for bread, fearing for our lives.

We are kings and queens. 

Here are a few things about rest that God spoke to me about:

Rest says: 

  1. I am enough
  2. I am whole (not lacking, not imperfect, not arriving but already there)
  3. I deserve to just be, because my being is enough.
  4. Rest causes you to have new perspective and become grateful for the moment and what you already have and are.
  5. Rest creates space for our minds and hearts to receive what God is saying with more clarity.
  6. Non-movement actually becomes acceleration because to God everything is already finished, He is waiting for you to realize that you are enough so that you can simply walk into the next thing without strife or trying to attain something outside of yourself. 
  7. Rest is acceleration. It says I am not apart from God. God is within me, so why would I fear that I am lacking? When I become solid in my understanding of my identity, I will live out of true abundance and not lack. Why would I fear that I am not doing enough? If it is already finished, I only have to walk into that next season.
  8. Rest deprives fear. Fear feeds on strife. Fear loves it when we try to make things happen. In fact, we become busy with striving when we stop believing that we are enough and that God has already finished the work for us.