Breaking Free of Societal Constructs

Conversations with God about worth, finance, values and societal constructs.

God- you have everything you need to do what you need to do and want to do.

R- but sometimes I experience lack.

God- you are enough.

God- my values are totally different from the world. The world = X amount of effort = x amount of outcome.

Me = outcome.

So many of my children seek the things of this world for stability not knowing if they will just rest in me they will have the world.

They seek certainty in paper bills when certainty is in me.

Some of my children hold back what I have put in them because they believe they should receive finance in exchange for the gift and and talents I have put in them, but I have given them Jesus…when they pour out what I’ve put in them they’ll see Jesus is never ending life giver, finance giver.

There is no lack in Christ Jesus.

When you experience lack or fear of lack you have started to fix your eyes on what you see versus who I am.

Will I not provide for my beloved? Especially for those who have chosen to pour out their lives like drink offerings?

My love is unceasing. So is my provision.

Look and see, some people in this world have everything but still experience lack. They haven’t seen themselves the way I see them. That they are enough in my eyes.

That they are beloved.

When they experience my love for them; continually and consistently they will be able to drink from a never ending supply of provision.


I don’t operate like humans.

They think effort = outcome but when you give of yourself; continually drawing from me, you have exponential provision.

I am life.

I am abundance.

I am love.

I know you have poured out your everything, there is more…and see me provide in exponential ways.

For you are a prophet, and prophets earn their keep.

People stay in lack because they limit me. They limit themselves to the equation of effort=outcome.

You have seen miracles because of your willingness to go into the unknown (me= outcome).