Unconditional Trust


I get asked these questions here in Taiwan-
– what are you doing here?
– Are you working?
– Are you married? Why not.

Things that require definite answers. The truth is I know God sent me here to set captives free, to share light and truth with people and this trip has all about just following the spirit. It’s been an amazing journey of indefinite ways and indefinite living.
But most people don’t understand that. Most people don’t understand not having a plan, most people don’t understand unconditional trust.

Most of us desire definite answers, we want to feel secure. We want to know that we are safe, but we often then crave adventure, we crave excitement.

I wonder if that’s why people cheat in marriages.

I wonder if that’s why people get addicted to drugs that get you high and outside of reality.

Surrendering and letting go is actually the only way to live a happy life.

You can be clear minded and still consciously choose to surrender, you don’t have to become a beach bum or a hippie.

In fact, surrendering means consciously letting go of control. And letting God.

God will often send me on assignments to meet a specific stranger, to give a word to this new friend. In the moment, it may be exciting, intense but sometimes even spiritually dark.

But when I’m back and I’ve finished my assignment to speak love and life to this one person…I am often in an in between place, a place of simply being and waiting.

This being space is full of question marks, where and what next? Who?

And that’s the space I learn to let go and remember I’m not in control, God is.

So in the waiting I can just be, and relax. Because it’s in relaxing that you are love. Love causes us to relax because there is absolutely no fear….no fear of the future.

What do you say? Let go.

Have unconditional trust in the one who protects and provides for you each and every day. Don’t worry about tomorrow, He has given you grace for today – will He not do it again?

One day at a time.

You are enough.

To answer those questions- I am following the Spirit. No I am not married, why not? Because he is coming. I will go where the Spirit leads and I have unconditional trust, even if I get scared- I choose to trust.

We want adventure yet we want certainty. Allow God your Father to be your certainty and you will never lack adventure.