Awaken to Your True Desires

Owning your desire
Most people don’t want to own their desires because when you choose your desires and what it is you want, you must forsake the other less desirable options.

When you own your desires you may face rejection, ridicule, criticism and judgement. You will be outcasted by some. Some may laugh at you, but that is the cost of owning your desires.

Everyone has different desires. Some people desire for marriage and some desire to be single. Some want to have kids, some never. Some people want to travel and some never want to. But to each his/her own.

There is not much compromise when you realize you will always prioritize your highest desires. You may feel that you’ve prioritized others before your own desires- but what you’ve prioritized is really other people’s opinions of you. Being liked and accepted is more important than anything else; If that is the case, you will forfeit any desire that goes against the grain of peoples’ approval.

Owning your desires means committing to your heart and saying yes to your soul. It means forsaking others to choose what makes you come alive.

Others will try to make you feel guilty for choosing the path you’ve chosen once you commit to your desires. You may be living the life you want but feeling a nagging sensation “I don’t deserve this”, but it is grace that has granted you this life. Receive freely. Let go of guilt consciousness.

As children, we must separate from our parents to find our true path and desires. In Asian societies, children who are grown often continue submitting to the desires of their parents.

As parents, you must learn to let go of your children knowing they are souls that were only passing through your body but purposed by God for something great. Children are not yours, they are God’s.

You can empathize for people’s sufferings but you shouldn’t lower your standards to accommodate for people’s sufferings. Jesus paid the price for your happiness. You shouldn’t allow anything less.

Yes you may go through your own seasons of suffering but they are meant to be temporal and causes inner growth. They also cause you to cling more tightly to Jesus.

The end result should always be more joy, more happiness.

That is God’s intention for you.