Today I saw an act of heroism.

As I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of a hijab, feminism, society expectations, women issues…this happened today.

Story of the day- today this guy across the table bought me some escargots, think buying a drink, but it’s a bowl of snails. From across the street booth.
Then he proceeded to approach me and asked if I’m married, the booth owner starts defending me. Then the guy asks for my number and I say I have none because I really don’t have a number. Like I don’t have a SIM card.
The guy is clearly drunk.
Two women and another man starts telling him to back off.
A fight happens, I see that they are about to get physical, one is pushing the other.
Now the Moroccan woman steps in and starts yelling. She is so bad ass.
This is all happening on the street.
People start gathering around to watch.
Finally with a few strangers helping and pulling the man away, he finally walks off, cursing.

The woman had a hijab on, she was full of passion, defending a foreigner, she made a scene for me. She fought for me.

She stood up to a drunk man for me. Loud and clear on the street.

Reflecting on this, it’s making me cry. Why? Because the whole day I was bombarded with “chinois, Japan, konichiwa”. At one point I had to tell this guy “please I don’t want to talk to you” because he was following me through the market and asking me “you speak English, French?”

If you’re a woman not only are you getting annoyed you are also on watch for your physical safety.

It can be traumatizing.

It can make you want to hide in your room. So I’m thankful today for this woman, for this community of people who do stand up for others.


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