The faith walk

imageThey want the prize without the faith, they want stability without letting go.

And this day I say, I will make something so brilliant in this world, it will change the world. I’ve given it all not to make a profit, but to change lives. And if that’s not enough, I leave my heart at the altar.

They ask me where am I going, I say ask God, I am just a follower following the spirit so I know not when and where I go, but I am being lifted.

Sometimes I am filled with doubt but in God told me today,

trust your heart more than ever now.

Trust it more than you have ever trusted your heart.

Because you have the DNA of a unique spirit, and you are a sojourner bringing love to be nations.

He left his home not knowing where the promised land was but he heard a calling; and he went even at the cost of the beloved around him.



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